? Which is the Most Comfortable Naturally Made Gym Wear for Women?

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SShreya Chaudhary
01 Apr 20214310

In modern times, the craze for an active healthy lifestyle has to lead a lot of people to make going to the gym, a part of their regular lifestyle, just as I have chosen to do. Finding appropriate and suitable gym wear has been a great challenge for me, which, I managed to solve, by investing my money in the Core 7/8 legging by Outdoor Voices.

Outdoor Voices Core 7/8 Leggings
Outdoor Voices Core 7/8 Leggings

What I really and truly loved about these leggings, is just how amazing the quality of the material used to make these leggings is, as it happens to be of the highest quality possible. These leggings by Outdoor Voices seem to be a really good fit in terms of the high sweat, high intensity, gym-related activities. Additionally, in these super comfortable leggings, I have also managed to walk my dog in the morning, gone running on the beach, as well as managed to complete several yoga classes, wearing these leggings.

These leggings happen to be delightfully soft enough, in a manner that prevents any abrasion to my already sensitive skin, during the workout. I also really loved the fact that the leggings are a perfect piece for me, as they fit really well with my gym crop top. These leggings are made of breathable TechSweat fabric, which manages to absorb sweat very easily, keeping me fresh and light, even post a heavy workout.

Another aspect of these wonderful Core 7/8 leggings, which I really appreciate, is the structured, high-rise waistband, which actually manages to hug my waistline, providing me with perfect back support, during and post my workout. I feel the pain in my back is lessened, due to this special feature, as it provides me with the perfect amount of compression. This manages to keep my waist, flexible and supple in the long term, due to the compression factor. It can be machine washed easily and basically requires low maintenance to keep fresh.

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