? Which is the Most Comfortable and Favourite Shoe Brand?

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AAmmara Aamir
15 Oct 20211510

By picking appropriate shoes, you can avoid different injuries, for instance, ankle damage, fracture, knees pain, etc. BROOKS GHOST 14 GTX is a good fit for me as they are waterproof, provide smooth transitions, and have soft cushioning.

These shoes prevent the foot and ankle from damage. Their soft cushioning contributes to comfortable running without harming other body parts. They are outclassed for walking in a rainy atmosphere. I used them first when was going to run on roads. They lessen the impact of one's steps and cushion the foot from heavy landings. They allow walking kilometers with relaxation.

Damage induced by inappropriate shoes can crash your fitness so better to choose the best one. These shoes support the arches and boost the running performance. Brooks used a technology named “3D fit print technology” which supports the shoe structure and covers the foot in a protected shield. Therefore, I have never found my heels, legs, and knees in pain whenever walked by wearing them. They provide a comfortable path to take longer steps. BROOKS GHOST 14 GTX have intrinsic shock absorbers as well as these are light weighted. Their heel-to-toe drop is 12 mm. They carry laces for footwear closure and have linings of GORE-TEX Invisible fit textile.

Runners have to face traffic, some have to face tree routes, windy, and rainy weather, soft/rock landings, etc. By considering all these situations, Brooks has designed Ghost 14 GTX by dividing it into three layers which are: Upper sole, Midsole, and Outsole. The Upper sole is stretchable for letting the foot breathe. The GORE-TEX lightweight invisible fit membranes are attached to the upper sole which helps you to feel light and secure. The Midsole is softly cushioned for comfortable running. It consists of 100% DNA LOFT which is a flexible and spongy foam that cushions your feet and delivers you a smoother ride. The Outsole is made up of rubber which provides absorption and gripping of the foot. These shoes have undoubtedly become an essential part of my running routine, outdoor activities, and weight loss journey.

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