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Do I have to pay anything for creating an account ?
Not at all. All users are free to use the website as per their convenience. There is no paid service associated.

How many questions can I ask ?
There is NO LIMIT for asking questions on the website. However, the questions are only posted after approval from moderators.

How many answers can I post ?
There is NO LIMIT for posting answers on the website. However, the answers are only posted after approval from moderators. You are only allowed to provide the answer one time per question. If you edit your answer, that will again require moderation before being published.

Are there any restrictions on upvoting or downvoting a question or answer ?
QtopA Readers are free to upvote or downvote the questions and answers. Registered members are not allowed to upvote or downvote.

What is QtopA?
QtopA is a question answer submission website that permits users to impart their opinion, and knowledge. This is the website where people can ask questions and give answers. It basically functions as a questions and answer exchange between members of the public through posting questions and submitting answers.

Do I post a link with content?
Yes, You can also post a link with your content on QtopA, providing that we endorse the content and images displayed therein.

How do I submit a question?
Upon submitting the "Ask a Question" form, the Site Editor will settle on a choice to either approve or reject your question, based on whether it offers the potential to provide useful information for others that react to it.

What topics can you discuss here?
Questions may relate to any topic of your choice, except for the following, which QtopA does not permit under any conditions: questions of a sexual, derogatory or racist nature; questions which may outrage or debilitate users; questions which seem vicious or aggressive; questions that contain swearing or unseemly use of language.

What If I do not agree to Terms & Conditions?
All questions which do not comply with the terms and conditions will be taken out quickly upon retrieval from our servers, and cannot be resurrected for any reason.

What if QtopA changes its privacy policy?
We will let you know by making any alterations clear on this page. QtopA would not connect to any website that exhibits disdain, inclination, or segregation.

How might I present an answer?
Upon submitting the "Add an answer to the above question" form, your answer will be retrieved by the Site Editor and either endorsed or dismissed; an affirmed answer will remain intact within the question area; a rejected answer will be completely erased from the question area.

What would it be advisable for you to think about while submitting an answer?
Answers must narrate the question you are responding to. QtopA does not endorse the following under any circumstances: answers containing sexual, sarcastic or bigoted wording; answers which may annoy or dissuade users; answers containing swearing or unseemly use of language; answers which seem fierce or aggressive.

What will happen when I’ve sent my answers?
We will process it and it will be sent to our editor team and then our editor will review your answer. If it will match with our policies then we will publish it.

How Can I Contact The QtopA?
If you wish to email us with any questions or comments about the QtopA, then you are free to contact and email us [email protected]

What if your question does not get published?
There can be numerous reasons to not promulgate your content.
Content can be duplicate
Non pertinent content
Minimal quality content

For what reasons, do we need your email address?
To be able to let you know when there is an answer to a question you may have submitted.

How We Protect Your Information?
The security of your information is essential to us. QtopA has executed safeguards to secure the information we gather. Nonetheless, no website or Internet transmission is absolutely secure. We implore you to find a way to keep your personal information safe, such as choosing a strong password and keeping it private, as well as logging out of your user account, and closing your web browser when wrapped up using the QtopA Platform on a mutual or unsecured device.

How can I update my personal information?
We use a personal profile page at the 'Sign-in' page, which authorizes you to refresh your own savviness at any time. This yields us to keep up picky and up to date personal data.