? Which is the Healthiest and Safe Snack for Pregnant Women?

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SS. Archana
15 May 20214250

Snacking nutrient-filled and healthy bites throughout the day is usual amongst pregnant women. In that way, I found the Fig N Dates bar from the Fab Box a healthy filling during hunger.

While checking the ingredients, I found the bar packed with peanuts, black dates, emulsifier, Maltitol, rice crispies, figs, and raisins. I was glad to have picked a snack with healthy ingredients that assure better health development for my baby and me. The dates present in the snack bar owe Dextrose and Fructose, which are good sugars for me and my little one. This fact does not trigger diabetes during pregnancy, and hence I can munch without fear.

The best fact about this product of Fab box is the rich iron and fiber content. The above characteristics helped me fight anemia during pregnancy and helped me maintain hemoglobin levels. The Fig is a significant ingredient in the snack bar rich in potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. I was happy to have chosen this snack to support me in a healthy pregnancy by strengthening my little one from scratch.

Fig owes the highest soluble and insoluble fiber content that helps in relieving constipation. I was free from constipation issues after consuming the health bar. The Fig N dates bar with an abundance of calcium is the best snack for pregnant women. The calcium content supported better bone strength for my baby and me. Moreover, it supported me in battling osteoporosis too.

I also found that the snack bar was full of vitamins - C (which boosts immunity), A, K, along with Fiber and good monounsaturated fats. The snack bar was a perfect choice that helped me in the overall functioning of the body system. The delicious and energetic filling keeps me active throughout the day.

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