Which is the Healthiest and Safe Snack for Pregnant Women?

Snacks for Pregnant women that are 100% natural, healthy, safe, and tasty to eat. The ingredients are carefully selected to provide the necessary nutrients for pregnant women and assist in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
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SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
17 Jan 2021295160

Craving for food had always been common in many women, especially when they are pregnant. It is not safe to have a heavy diet to avoid food cravings during pregnancy, as this can increase the potential risks of weight gain and other such health complications.

So, nowadays, many women are preferably showing interest in snacks. You might have a question what snacks are suitable for a pregnant woman?

Many kinds of research have shown that having ragi, sesame seeds, and foods with more calcium levels are good for health during pregnancy.

Finding these foods and eating them from time to time has always been hectic, what if you were able to get all this goodness in a single product? And that too if it is a snack?

Yes! The Early Foods Pvt. Ltd. have once such snack, the Ragi & Sesame Seeds Cookies with all these benefits because it has,

  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Calcium
  • Ragi flour
  • Sesame seeds
  • Some dry fruits
  • Whole wheat flour

All these are essential for a pregnant lady and the baby.

The best part is it has all-natural and organic ingredients and no added preservatives. These are eggless cookies, so if you are a vegetarian you need not worry! Food plays an essential role in both your and your baby's health, and it isn't that easy to decide what is right. Think wisely and make a decision.

Important To Consider: Can also be used while breastfeeding, as this has only natural materials this doesn't have any side effects.

P.S: Read the description of a product before taking it, because some others are allergic to particular foods.

Happy Motherhood...!

SSujatha Gangadhar
11 Apr 202187130

During pregnancy, I always look around to munch on something that fills my tummy. After thorough research for healthy snacks, I found Amy's Organic Lentil Soup, Light in Sodium.

Indeed, this soup is the most delicious and healthy appetite I ever found. The most luring part of the soup for it is it's low in sodium feature. Therefore this feature supports keeping blood pressure in control and assured me of reducing the health issues during my pregnancy. This feature allowed me to have a completely safe soup to sip. Amy's Organic Lentil Soup, light in sodium contains zero cholesterol with a good amount of fiber content and proteins. Thus the soup relieved me from constipation and offered me a protein-rich snack.

The single packs serve 2 cups and are awesomely convenient as it requires less time to cook. I was glad to make a quick snack within minutes and also carry it while I am traveling. The best facet was that I can have an appetite whenever I want. Amy's organic lentil soup unique features exhibit an enhanced birth weight and brain development of the baby. I found consecutive weight gain every month and noticed a progressive feature in the baby after scanning.

Though it's a packed food yet includes all essential nutrients such as organic vegetables, extra virgin olive oil with sea salt, and not to forget the bay leaves gives a pleasant aroma to the dish. I have been searching for such essential nutrients but found all in one pack as a soup for better health. Amy is known for its health concern products, the lentil soup with low sodium is gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan-free organic vegetables, and a lot more. This Lentil Soup, Low in Sodium scores high nutrition-wise and pleases my taste buds fully. This finger-licking dish is a healthy and tempting option to put an end to all my cravings with an instant bowl of warmth.

AAnshul Lohia
15 Jan 202154120

Fox Nut or Makhana

Fox Nut By MrMakhana
Fox Nut By MrMakhana
Credits : MR MAKHANA

Have you heard about fox nuts before?

Fox nuts or Makhana are popped lotus seeds that come from a plant called Euryale fox. My recommendation goes with Fox Nut By MrMakhana, a good alternative to buy these online. This plant grows in mushy and still water and is close relative to water lily. Fox nuts are widely used all around Asia not for medicinal purposes but also as an ingredient in a wide variety of delicacies.

Do you know the benefits of fox nuts in pregnancy? Here are some,

  1. Anti-inflammatory:- Fox nuts are Anti-inflammatory which means they control the acid reflux that pregnant women go through.
  2. Low in fat:- Not only are they low in fat but also contain high amounts of fiber which helps in cutting down calories. Fox nuts are also recommended as a diet snack.
  3. High nutritional value:- Makhanas contain a large number of nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin B complex, potassium, antioxidants, and amino acids. These nutrients enhance the growth of the nervous system and bones of the fetus.
  4. Prevents diarrhea:- Due to hormonal changes a woman goes through a lot of stomach issues like indigestion and diarrhea. Fox nuts are good for countering both these problems.
  5. Regulates blood pressure:- Having fox nuts provides the body with cooling effects and helps to dilate veins which regulate blood pressure.
  6. Regulates blood sugar:- These contain no artificial sugar and high fiber content with vitamin B complex help in cutting down calories and body glucose.
  7. Prevents tiredness:- Components like zinc, iron, proteins, and vitamins provide energy all through the day.

How to eat fox nuts? Fox nuts are basically tasteless and gluten-free.

They can be fried and roasted and topped with some spice. These are a very good alternative to modern-day popcorn. They can also be added to soups.

SS. Archana
15 May 20214250

Snacking nutrient-filled and healthy bites throughout the day is usual amongst pregnant women. In that way, I found the Fig N Dates bar from the Fab Box a healthy filling during hunger.

While checking the ingredients, I found the bar packed with peanuts, black dates, emulsifier, Maltitol, rice crispies, figs, and raisins. I was glad to have picked a snack with healthy ingredients that assure better health development for my baby and me. The dates present in the snack bar owe Dextrose and Fructose, which are good sugars for me and my little one. This fact does not trigger diabetes during pregnancy, and hence I can munch without fear.

The best fact about this product of Fab box is the rich iron and fiber content. The above characteristics helped me fight anemia during pregnancy and helped me maintain hemoglobin levels. The Fig is a significant ingredient in the snack bar rich in potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. I was happy to have chosen this snack to support me in a healthy pregnancy by strengthening my little one from scratch.

Fig owes the highest soluble and insoluble fiber content that helps in relieving constipation. I was free from constipation issues after consuming the health bar. The Fig N dates bar with an abundance of calcium is the best snack for pregnant women. The calcium content supported better bone strength for my baby and me. Moreover, it supported me in battling osteoporosis too.

I also found that the snack bar was full of vitamins - C (which boosts immunity), A, K, along with Fiber and good monounsaturated fats. The snack bar was a perfect choice that helped me in the overall functioning of the body system. The delicious and energetic filling keeps me active throughout the day.

SShreya Chaudhary
24 Mar 20213310

Being pregnant isn't exactly like taking a walk in the park, as any woman, whether pregnant or not will tell you as it is quite common for women to develop cravings for random food types, they would normally not eat at all. During my pregnancy, I craved for Whole Oatmeal with Chia and Fruits to satisfy my snacking habit.

Based on my experience, personally, my recommendation would be Whole Oatmeal with Chia and Fruits by True Elements for a holistic, healthy option. Consuming this as a snack, I found, is quite nutritious on multiple levels to me as well as my unborn child as it consists of only organic, fresh, and natural ingredients. It contains 0 preservatives, eating this daily, I found helped in boosting my natural health instantaneously. The taste of it is simply superb, to say the least, making it a healthy as well as a snack anyone looks forward to eating on a regular basis.

This product from True Elements is quite rich in antioxidants which gives many benefits to my skin, keeping it fresh, natural, and healthy-looking. Skin health is greatly enhanced, as the entrance of harmful particles, is blocked by the presence of antioxidants. Also, since I am a diabetic and suffer from sugar-related issues, I found that this is perfect for me in this aspect, as it consists of bare minimum levels of sugar, making it tasty without the added danger of excessive sweetness.

Containing the goodness of dietary fiber, protein, and multivitamins, eating this Whole Oatmeal with Chia provided me with stable levels of energy throughout the day, which I found to be highly beneficial during pregnancy, as my energy levels tend to fluctuate a lot, causing me to feel weak. This is greatly reduced due to the presence of high fiber content. The low carb levels and the lesser number of calories have also proved to be good for the health of my heart as well as my child's. Any chances of getting cardiovascular diseases is reduced, due to the presence of these beneficial factors.

HHaritha Remesh
15 Jan 20213110

I would recommend Bare Snacks Natural Fruits Chips for pregnant ladies who are searching for a healthier and safe snack for their cravings. During pregnancy, we all want to make the best choices for our little ones. We don't want to hurt our little ones. Fruits are the best and easy source to provide sufficient nutrients and vitamins for your newborn. The Bare Snacks offers you a healthy fruit snack that contains only organic ingredients.

During pregnancy, our sweet cravings are really very high. These chips are an absolute solution for our sweet cravings. These natural fruit chips are yummy and crunchy. It will not cause any harmful effects to your newborn baby since these are free of both gluten and dairy. These are baked ones-not fried which makes them not too oily and completely healthier for pregnant ladies.

Many different varieties of fruit chips of this brand are available, but my favorites are Crunchy apple, banana, and coconut. These are very tasty. When I was pregnant, I used to eat these chips a lot. These chips help me to satisfy both my hunger and sweet cravings. I am a huge fan of these chip packets. Now also I'm a continuous buyer of these chips and used to eat in my free time.

Since they are different varieties, we will not get bored. We can try different flavors each time.

I would recommend it to all those searching for a snack that is healthier, safe, and affordable to buy.

PPranay Patel
15 Jan 20213310

Pregnant women need healthy and nutritional foods to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Roasted Chickpeas are considered one of the safest food items for pregnant women. It contains essential minerals with protein, folic acid, and more. These minerals essential for women during their pregnancy.

Biena Snacks Roasted Chickpeas
Biena Snacks Roasted Chickpeas

Pregnant women can buy a variety of products online to support their pregnancy. They also can get safe and nutritious snacks online from trusted brands, However, I suggest Roasted Chickpeas from Biena Snacks. The best thing about these brands is they provide ready-to-eat snacks that are safe to consume and are full of minerals and nutrients.

If we talk about the benefits of roasted chickpeas, it maintains blood pressure and blood sugar control. Besides this, it also helps lower bad cholesterol that prevents health-related issues in women.

The journey of pregnancy requires extra energy to deal with daily tasks. To remove stress and feel energetic, pregnant women are asked to consume food that provides the required energy while keeping the essential nutrients balanced. Chickpeas provide the needed energy in pregnant women.

Chickpeas contain an essential micronutrient called choline that helps in the development of the brain of the baby. This micronutrient also helps in developing a healthy spinal cord. Instead of consuming this micronutrient through medicines, it is recommended to have it naturally from foods that pregnant women consume.

Pregnant women always worry about their weight gain during their last months of pregnancy. Interestingly, chickpeas also maintain weight and reduce fat gain while keeping the body and the growing baby healthy. A healthy diet is essential for pregnant women, when they crave delicious foods, roasted chickpeas are the best option available for them.