? Which is the Best and Easy to Learn Graphics Designing Software for Beginners?

BBenson Omondi Awino
06 Jun 2021910

This software is a vector graphics editor and design company operated by macOS, It originates from a dutch company Sketch B.V. and is mainly used for designing the user interface and friendly experiences on websites and mobile apps. Sketch enables you to put design at the heart of projects, with all the peripherals you need to collaborate and come up with outstanding products.

You can open its files using adobe illustrator, photoshop, and other programs although they are saved in sketch file format. The designs can also be saved as PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG, TFF, WebP, and other formats using the software. The vector editing tools are absolute for a beginner or a seasoned pro because they are intuitive and powerful, I enjoyed the learning experience as a beginner. It is simple to change your work at any stage of the design process since they work with boolean operations that are editable and easy to combine.

This software offers pixel-level precision since you're able to zoom up to that level, this helps in aligning your blocks perfectly with snapping and smart guides and a adjust your layers to the position. I was able to easily export assets in and out of the app by just dragging to the app to quickly share it and also setting up export presets to speed things up to everyone. Its fixed features at every stage help you make your processes as easy as possible.

The grids and layout option keeps things tidy, with shortcuts to toggle grids and layout views there is a whole set of options to help in customizing column width to colours. You can also set your own resizing rules and pin different elements of your designs, making it easier to scale designs for different screen sizes without altering anything at any time.

There is a math operator that saves you time while coming up with sizes before designing. You can also create symbols or components once and reuse them later. Through the shared libraries of your symbols texts and layers styles and colour variables, you can be able to share them automatically with cooperators. There are many adorable features for everyone that will surely improve your experience as a beginner.

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