? Which is the Best and Easy to Learn Graphics Designing Software for Beginners?

PPushkar Jain
15 Jan 20217981

I started my designing journey nearly two years ago. I was in a dilemma as you are now searching for an answer to this. No one was there to guide me. It was just me, my laptop, my internet connection, and the burning desire to become a designer inside my heart.

I needed some education on the topic, I thought of buying some courses but according to Elon musk, Eduction is free, you don't have to pay for the real education and he was right. I opened Chrome and headed towards Youtube and typed in the search query on how to get started as a Graphic designer. Thousand of videos popped up. I go for the one with the most likes and comments. There I came to know about this amazing tool known as GIMP which is free to use, although I will not suggest spaying for PREMIUM software like adobe photoshop when you are just beginning.

I downloaded it and start learning the basics from Youtube. I spent around thirty minutes daily on the software and day by day I saw improvement in myself. I Googled some high-quality designs done by expert designers and tried to make lool alike in GIMP. Really this was the best practice to would recommend to a graphic designer beginner.

After some time I was confident enough and started my journey as a freelancer almost a year ago. My clients were impressed by my designs.

There were many Ups and downs I faced but I saw no chance of stepping back. Any field you decide, there has to be a burning desire inside your heart that will work as a constant source of energy and motivation to you.

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GIMP is of course a magnificent software that taught me A to Z of graphic design. All beginners without any help will be able to learn the nuances of this if they maneuver with zeal just the way it helped me create so many designs that dazzled the eyes of the viewers. I created logos using this and those who ordered logos also lauded my effort. It was only possible because of this wonderful software.

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