? Which is the Best and Easy to Learn Graphics Designing Software for Beginners?

SShreya Chaudhary
23 Sep 20211110

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite by CorelDraw is designed to equip its users with the latest GD applications like Vector Illustration & photo editing. With remote work becoming the norm, it is a sensible choice of software to keep me up to date and competitive.

Numerous features of this software make it absolutely worthwhile for Graphics Designing beginners. It is compatible with different platforms providing a true cross-platform experience across Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices. This actually makes designing on the go, anywhere, quite easy. The Non Destructive editing aspect is highly effective in helping me edit bitmaps and vectors without destroying the original image/object. Using this software gives me the freedom to create block shadows, symmetrical illustrations as well as perspective drawings, all of which helped my growth as a graphics designer. Additional editing to create powerful changes to my images can be done with the help of the Photo Editing feature as it allows to adjust for tone, colour, reduce or remove any imperfections for correct perspective (Corel Photo-Paint). Breathtaking very high dynamic range photos based on the Raw Images can be created using the After Shot 3HDR.

Converting basic lines and shapes into complex works of art, using Vector Illustration becomes a very simple task making it quite helpful in making transitions in a smooth manner. The impressive AI-assisted PowerTrace feature helps greatly in getting astounding bitmap-vector results while Advanced image optimization becomes very pivotal in improving the quality of the bitmap. The flexibility of this software is off the charts in terms of Design for print as well as the web as flawless designs can be created with a great degree of precision, making it truly exciting to use. The Next Generation collaboration feature prevents wastage of time as it allows for my team members to stay connected with me in real-time, very easily.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has a new addition called Progressive Image Editing, which has been incredibly valuable. It has managed to improve and enhance the images I created in a few steps. The enhanced colour replacement tool helps tremendously in gaining a faster route to getting flawless photos. Another very important aspect is the Extensive file compatibility that is offered by this Suite. I am able to very easily import and export a wide variety of project assets based on various clients friendly needs.

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