Which is the Best and Easy to Learn Graphics Designing Software for Beginners?

The graphics designing software could be web-based or native application for the operating system. The designing software allows you to design your own graphics and websites with less technical or programming skills required.

PPushkar Jain
15 Jan 20217981

I started my designing journey nearly two years ago. I was in a dilemma as you are now searching for an answer to this. No one was there to guide me. It was just me, my laptop, my internet connection, and the burning desire to become a designer inside my heart.

I needed some education on the topic, I thought of buying some courses but according to Elon musk, Eduction is free, you don't have to pay for the real education and he was right. I opened Chrome and headed towards Youtube and typed in the search query on how to get started as a Graphic designer. Thousand of videos popped up. I go for the one with the most likes and comments. There I came to know about this amazing tool known as GIMP which is free to use, although I will not suggest spaying for PREMIUM software like adobe photoshop when you are just beginning.

I downloaded it and start learning the basics from Youtube. I spent around thirty minutes daily on the software and day by day I saw improvement in myself. I Googled some high-quality designs done by expert designers and tried to make lool alike in GIMP. Really this was the best practice to would recommend to a graphic designer beginner.

After some time I was confident enough and started my journey as a freelancer almost a year ago. My clients were impressed by my designs.

There were many Ups and downs I faced but I saw no chance of stepping back. Any field you decide, there has to be a burning desire inside your heart that will work as a constant source of energy and motivation to you.

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GIMP is of course a magnificent software that taught me A to Z of graphic design. All beginners without any help will be able to learn the nuances of this if they maneuver with zeal just the way it helped me create so many designs that dazzled the eyes of the viewers. I created logos using this and those who ordered logos also lauded my effort. It was only possible because of this wonderful software.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
21 Jan 202123570

Animation and graphics have become part of regular activities and it has become efficient for every one of us to know and acquire the skills of creating and editing graphics.

Gravit Designer
Gravit Designer

Unlike past days, where creating a graphical structure was complex, now we have various tools and software that enable us to pen our creativity and skills through attractive graphics.

One such software is Gravit Designer. This tool is a featured vector graphic designing software with which you can unlock your creativity.

This tool is available on any desktop platform that has a decent browser and internet connection. You can easily work offline with its PWA version, but for the extreme designing experience, you can explore its online features.

One of the most important features of this software is its streamlined interface, which helps you achieve more in designing that too in less time.

The clean and easy interface of this software enables you to have fun and excitement while creating multiple designs. This helps you to feel encouraged and upgrade your existing skills in designing.

Key Features:

  • Smooth learning interface without complexity.
  • Non-destructive editing in almost all activities and the ability to revisit your artwork.
  • Bunch of example projects that helps beginners to learn the basics and best practices easily.
  • Preset canvas sizes in various categories.
  • Ability to autosave the created designs along with the feature of disabling the autosave ability.
  • Ability to sync projects.

To Conclude, this easy-to-learn graphic designing software is very helpful for beginners. And, if you are wondering to choose any handy designing tool, then this one is the best choice for you.

MMegha Kumari
18 Feb 20214421

Canva is one of the most preferred graphic designing software that saves time and gives the best output to beginners and advanced users as well. There are too many ready-to-use templates as well inside the panel, which help to create stunning designs in a few minutes only for several needs.

I personally like its drag and drop options to make the creatives also at one click only, it allows to change the font size, font type and it’s color if you are using anywhere on the graphic. I also found the tool very easy to move or change the order of layers within a second. When I am using Canva, I don’t need to worry about saving the files because it gives a huge by default storage space where you can manage all your required projects by renaming the folder. Also, its file management process helps me a lot to find even older graphics which I had created a few years ago.

The amazing thing which I like most about Canva is, quickly picking the image size for several purposes. It features the option to choose the size for the Facebook cover image, Instagram posts, Flyers, YouTube thumbnails, presentations, and a lot more. Apart from that, it also allows the user to create a custom file size for other graphic designing requirements.

When I was a beginner, I started learning graphic designing for my blog with this online graphic designing software only. Also, at the time of downloading the file, it automatically compresses it for minimizing the file size.

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I use Canva now and then for many of my YouTube thumbnails and social media posts. I ain't a professional graphic designer but all of my designs always seem to be designed by a professional. What I like most about this platform is that it provides me with a wide range of professionally made templates ready to be customized. I just have to choose one, be innovative and customize it just the way I want. Another thing that makes me like Canva is its photo gallery which quickly finds HD photos from the internet according to my design which makes it easier and less time-consuming.

SShreya Chaudhary
23 Sep 20211110

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite by CorelDraw is designed to equip its users with the latest GD applications like Vector Illustration & photo editing. With remote work becoming the norm, it is a sensible choice of software to keep me up to date and competitive.

Numerous features of this software make it absolutely worthwhile for Graphics Designing beginners. It is compatible with different platforms providing a true cross-platform experience across Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices. This actually makes designing on the go, anywhere, quite easy. The Non Destructive editing aspect is highly effective in helping me edit bitmaps and vectors without destroying the original image/object. Using this software gives me the freedom to create block shadows, symmetrical illustrations as well as perspective drawings, all of which helped my growth as a graphics designer. Additional editing to create powerful changes to my images can be done with the help of the Photo Editing feature as it allows to adjust for tone, colour, reduce or remove any imperfections for correct perspective (Corel Photo-Paint). Breathtaking very high dynamic range photos based on the Raw Images can be created using the After Shot 3HDR.

Converting basic lines and shapes into complex works of art, using Vector Illustration becomes a very simple task making it quite helpful in making transitions in a smooth manner. The impressive AI-assisted PowerTrace feature helps greatly in getting astounding bitmap-vector results while Advanced image optimization becomes very pivotal in improving the quality of the bitmap. The flexibility of this software is off the charts in terms of Design for print as well as the web as flawless designs can be created with a great degree of precision, making it truly exciting to use. The Next Generation collaboration feature prevents wastage of time as it allows for my team members to stay connected with me in real-time, very easily.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has a new addition called Progressive Image Editing, which has been incredibly valuable. It has managed to improve and enhance the images I created in a few steps. The enhanced colour replacement tool helps tremendously in gaining a faster route to getting flawless photos. Another very important aspect is the Extensive file compatibility that is offered by this Suite. I am able to very easily import and export a wide variety of project assets based on various clients friendly needs.

BBenson Omondi Awino
06 Jun 20211010

This software is a vector graphics editor and design company operated by macOS, It originates from a dutch company Sketch B.V. and is mainly used for designing the user interface and friendly experiences on websites and mobile apps. Sketch enables you to put design at the heart of projects, with all the peripherals you need to collaborate and come up with outstanding products.

You can open its files using adobe illustrator, photoshop, and other programs although they are saved in sketch file format. The designs can also be saved as PNG, PDF, JPG, SVG, TFF, WebP, and other formats using the software. The vector editing tools are absolute for a beginner or a seasoned pro because they are intuitive and powerful, I enjoyed the learning experience as a beginner. It is simple to change your work at any stage of the design process since they work with boolean operations that are editable and easy to combine.

This software offers pixel-level precision since you're able to zoom up to that level, this helps in aligning your blocks perfectly with snapping and smart guides and a adjust your layers to the position. I was able to easily export assets in and out of the app by just dragging to the app to quickly share it and also setting up export presets to speed things up to everyone. Its fixed features at every stage help you make your processes as easy as possible.

The grids and layout option keeps things tidy, with shortcuts to toggle grids and layout views there is a whole set of options to help in customizing column width to colours. You can also set your own resizing rules and pin different elements of your designs, making it easier to scale designs for different screen sizes without altering anything at any time.

There is a math operator that saves you time while coming up with sizes before designing. You can also create symbols or components once and reuse them later. Through the shared libraries of your symbols texts and layers styles and colour variables, you can be able to share them automatically with cooperators. There are many adorable features for everyone that will surely improve your experience as a beginner.

PPranay Patel
20 Jan 20212510

Serif’s popular Affinity Designer graphics suite is one of the best graphics designing software for beginners and students. If you are stepping into the world of animation, then you should first learn the basics of designing. This software gives you enough space to explore your creativity while learning new things.

Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer
Credits : SERIF

The Affinity Designer software serves a clean and easy-to-use interface so that anyone can try their hands-on. Being the latest graphics designing software, this software packs all the latest tools and features to improve your work quality.

Beginners can get started with this tool by using the basic tools to draw 2D drawings. The same software supports an easy to import and export function that lets you import your previous work to edit or you can export your drawings in different file formats by selecting the export button.

Moreover, the smart image editor helps you edit your image the way you want. You can also convert an ordinary image into an extraordinary masterpiece by using the built-in image editor tools.

For graphic designers, this tool offers a list of all the advanced features with unique brushes, grids, styles, layers, and more. It’s a relatively new software in the industry and developers are constantly working to add more premium features to it. Since we are looking for graphics designing software for beginners, this software suits all of their requirements under a reasonable price tag. Give it a try and see how you can improve your graphics designing journey.

PPrabhat K Tiwari
14 Jan 20214310

Graphic designing is an increasing trend in the present time, and with every passing day, the demand for graphic designers is rising at a steady pace. The designers need a tool or software to make their designs. If you're a beginner, you wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on getting the designing software's premium. This creates a way for free software available on the internet.

One of these free software is VECTR; it is one of the best designing software and is also considered equivalent to adobe's software. This software is freely available on the internet to create anything from the user interface of websites to T-shirts. VECTR uses a simple interface that helps you grasp things more efficiently and intuitively.

This software also lets you sign-in on the application and share your work with a team, promoting teamwork and enhancing the design. It can even help you get guidance from your tutors if you've chosen some course to study this part. Even the software itself tells you that it isn't hard to use and provides specific guidelines to beginners. The application also helps you contact the developers if you need some help from them.

There are many premium features provided by the developers and which are helpful for creators or designers. Although being free of cost, the application does come to a particular system requirement. As designing is a process that uses many systems memory, it is highly recommended to use a RAM of 4GB or more and a dedicated graphics card.

If you still can't get through using the software, various video tutorials use VECTR on the internet, allowing you to learn and grasp things. Hoping you've found the answer you were searching for and will be content using VECTR.