? Which are the Best Wireless WiFi Routers for Home and Office?

SShreya Chaudhary
03 Oct 20212620

Synology Router RT2600ac comes with 2.53 Gbps combined wireless to power up homes as well as offices. It has a Long Range and Performance accompanied by an impressive network covering capacity of 3000 square feet and comes with regular security updates.

Synology Router RT2600ac
Synology Router RT2600ac
Credits : SYNOLOGY

This router has incredible features that help me overcome any issues that I might face with internet speed and other blockages. It provides a pretty smooth bandwidth to work with comfortably. The Site to Site VPN server is useful for my home businesses as it allows for instantaneous connection with other multiple remote offices. The Dual-core 1.7 Hz with a 512 MB DDR#, makes it an excellent router in terms of specifications. Also, it is RoHS Compliant with a 50/60 Hz.

Amazingly, it is easy to use and has a refreshingly simple setup and management system, making it highly user-friendly and helps save time. The Internet Filtering aspect of the Safe Access package gives me the power to create a child-friendly online world for my children. This router's Time Quota features help in setting limits on the usage, keeping things healthy and manageable. The Smart Wan aspect is incredible, as it proves crucial in allowing the RT2600 ac to fail-over or load-balance between dual ISP- connections to ensure the availability of the internet. On the other hand, using the Quick Connect aspect made enabling remote access to be a really simple task.

The MU-MIMO technology feature of Synology Router RT2600ac by Synology ensures I can use multiple devices and be connected via wireless at the same time. Protection from any online scams can be gained through the integration of Google Safe Browsing along with other DNS and IP threats. It prevents any phishing, botnets, and malware. Higher bandwidth for gaming can be set (for gamers) by using the App and Device-based (QoS), while at the same time BiT Torrents downloads can be throttled, making real-time and historical traffic data organized in a way that makes it easy for anyone to read the charts/reports. The Monitoring & Reporting aspect is very useful in keeping track of my employees' online activities as insight can be gained into their daily online activities and a snapshot of recent trends can be recorded for future purposes. All in all, it gives me a highly stable and very strong internet experience at almost all given times.