Which are the Best Wireless Home Theatre Speakers?

Leisure time is well spent if we have a home theatre while being with our family members and friends at our residence. Visual effects are incomplete without superb quality surround sound and the truly wireless speaker systems fulfill this gap effectively.

OOdero Onyango
16 Jul 20211120

JBL Bar 3.1 Home Theater Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth features 450 Watts system power and delivers sound clarity up to 103db, functionality, with a great design. The sub-woofer has high-resolution audio and bass.

The Bluetooth technology works perfectly and I can connect compatible devices like TV, tablet, and smartphone. Besides, the Bluetooth has a fast wireless connection making it easy to stream my favourite music straight from my playlists on the devices. It connects a maximum of three 4k devices at any given time, which is enough for me. It comes with a JBL sound-shift feature that allows the instant switch between different reverberations from the various connected devices. The Soundbar is easy to control thanks to the remote control, as it makes tuning easy and stress-free. This device delivers serious rumble and crisp highs from the wireless home theatre by simply using the adjustable bass levels.

As a bass lover, I find the system's performance thrilling. The soundbar weighs 5.1 pounds and measures 40” x 2.3” x 3.1”. This makes it more portable and it can fit in small spaces. It has an LED display shinning through the metallic speaker grille covering the top and front faces. This speaker easily streams audio through Bluetooth. JBL 3.1 Home Theater has a USB port, an awesome addition enabling me to prolong my entertainment list.

The absence of wired connectivity is a blessing since it reduces wire hazards and allows users to keep their bass controller anywhere they prefer in the room and still get the same high-quality performance. The long and sleek soundbar produces perfect surround effects that echo beautifully throughout the room. This device features top-quality tweeters that handle maximum volume excellently.

The wireless 10-inch sub-woofer weighs 26.7 pounds and measures 12x12x17.3 inches, heavy but ideal considering the performance. The system connects to the soundbar automatically and delivers serious rumble. The remote has plenty of useful functions such as bass cut/boost levels, sound mode, audio sync, sound source, sound-shift, mute, etc. On my first test of this amazing JBL Bar 3.1, the audio was intense and the base gave a powerful rumble. I love the seamless way the home theatre switches to different modes giving me more power.

Plus, the soundbar delivers excellent sound clarity via the highs and mid-highs to keep things balanced. I prefer to use voice modes to boost speech clarity when watching films or movies. The bass levels range from 0-30 giving me the freedom to choose a preference. I mostly use base level 15 for music.

JBL Bar 3.1 Home Theater Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth has a vibrant and balanced sound. Few systems can rival it and its sharpness slices through the different soundtracks to give a pitch-perfect output. JBL Bar 3.1 is an excellent wireless home theatre for listening to music and watching movies. It's powerfully impressive and allows users to make suitable adjustments to suit their tastes. Overall, it's the high-tech implementation and the top-grade reverberations that make this system unique and worth owning.