? Which is the Best Website for Generating Free Favicon?

PPushkar Jain
19 Jan 20215510

Favicon is extremely important for your website. An attractive favicon helps in the branding of your website and digital business. It is the small 16x16 pixels icon that can be seen on top of the browser tab if someone is active on your website. There are numerous advantages of using a good looking favicon.

Credits : FAVICON.IO

And the best part is you can make an attractive favicon for free with just a few clicks even if you are not from a designing background. Thanks to the advancement in software for this. Open your browser and type Favicon.io in your search engine. Here you can create a favicon with just a text, an icon, or an emoji in a super-easy way. This free generator lets you select the font from 800+ font options. You can choose your own background, color, shape, and size because of its highly customizable nature.

The tool also provides ore made icons that can be used directly or can customize according to your need. I made my first website as a blogger nearly two years ago. That was a blogging website where I wrote blogs about the best gifts option you can choose to gift on different occasions. I generated a very sweet favicon which worked perfectly for my brand and that costs 0$. I will highly recommend using this source when you are making a favicon for your new website or thought of changing your current one.

One thing I would like to suggest is that make sure you, along with choosing an attractive favicon, are making a favicon that represents your brand and your business.

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