? Which is the Best Website for Generating Free Favicon?

PPranay Patel
20 Jan 20216020

Branding is important in today’s digital market. When you run a business on the web, it is essential for you to design a reliable website where you can put your company’s information. While designing a new website, a favicon is a must. It’s a small icon that displays the brand icon.

Credits : DANS TOOLS

When you visit a website on the web, you could see a small icon just ahead of the website’s title name in the address bar. This icon helps users locate your website quickly from the multiple tabs open in the web browser. If you are designing a new website and looking for an online favicon creator, then Favicon Generator is the best place for you.

The best thing about this favicon generator tool is it is available for free and anyone can quickly design an instant favicon as per their website’s needs. If we talk about the present market, people are now using mobile devices to explore the web. Well, the same favicon generator helps you create an icon for Android and iOS mobile apps.

If you are curious to know more about this online favicon generator, then here’s the list of its key features that you must check before using the tool.

Favicon Generator: Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface designed for everyone
  • Generates favicon quickly
  • Simple upload option for converting an image into an icon
  • Lets you create an icon for mobile apps
  • A huge icon library to get ideas
  • Quick icons are available to use
  • Easy download and save option after generating a favicon

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