Which is the Best Website for Generating Free Favicon?

The Best Website for Generating Free Favicon allows you to create your own favicon for free. You can also generate other types of icons, such as logos and button icons that can be used on websites.

AA. Vijay Kumar
15 Feb 202130560

When it comes to a website, the branding strategy you follow is very important to convert a customer's lack of interest into longing. Promote your brand and usability with the tiny but accentuated Favicon Generator from IONOS.

The favicon is a squared pixel image that serves as a brand identification graphic, which can be seen on the left-hand side of a browser's URL tab. This minute piece of graphics depicts your brand on anything that represents your website, including browser tabs, bookmarks lists, search history, and even search results. I wanted to have a favicon so conspicuous that visitors can't fail to spot it. Thanks to IONOS. It helps you create your favicon by yourself in just a few clicks. Although I am not a tech-savvy guy, it helped me create a super simple favicon, with a kaleidoscopic display of many colors.

The Favicon can be created in a number of ways: 1. With the help of the visual editor and virtual brush. 2. If you already have your company logo, you just have to upload your image (company logo) so your favicon is automatically generated in no time. 3. Using the letter generator, create your favicon by choosing one or two letters, the necessary fonts & colors, and the background. For example, to create a favicon for a moniker, Jeremy Olson, you just select the letters “J” and “O” in the letter generator, and then complete the subsequent steps, and your favicon will be ready in a few minutes.

Create your website's favicon that is compatible with all web browsers and devices, in any of the above-mentioned three easy-peasy ways. There's someone available 24/7 right up to the end. A personal consultant will be devoted to assisting you.

PPranay Patel
20 Jan 20216020

Branding is important in today’s digital market. When you run a business on the web, it is essential for you to design a reliable website where you can put your company’s information. While designing a new website, a favicon is a must. It’s a small icon that displays the brand icon.

Credits : DANS TOOLS

When you visit a website on the web, you could see a small icon just ahead of the website’s title name in the address bar. This icon helps users locate your website quickly from the multiple tabs open in the web browser. If you are designing a new website and looking for an online favicon creator, then Favicon Generator is the best place for you.

The best thing about this favicon generator tool is it is available for free and anyone can quickly design an instant favicon as per their website’s needs. If we talk about the present market, people are now using mobile devices to explore the web. Well, the same favicon generator helps you create an icon for Android and iOS mobile apps.

If you are curious to know more about this online favicon generator, then here’s the list of its key features that you must check before using the tool.

Favicon Generator: Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface designed for everyone
  • Generates favicon quickly
  • Simple upload option for converting an image into an icon
  • Lets you create an icon for mobile apps
  • A huge icon library to get ideas
  • Quick icons are available to use
  • Easy download and save option after generating a favicon

OOdero Onyango
14 Jun 20211110

Real Favicon Generator is reliable and helps convert logo and images into proper Favicon format. It comes with an editor tool that helps personalize and create attractive icons.


Emojis are popular in modern website designs and there is a long list of emojis to choose from and generate for the website. It's easy to incorporate touch icons on a site using the generator. Research and testing are already done, so, there is no need to spend hours on colors, graphics, and designs. This gives me compelling designs in a few minutes, which meet all requirements to bring about the best platform. It's boring using the same pictures which make the generator a blessing as it simplifies everything and makes the website attractive.

Besides generating the icons, I get a glimpse of how the icons will look and can make any changes to improve the appeal of the site. The icons are in formats that even Android and iOS can display. This takes the guesswork out of contention and ensures I have an attractive and visible website with the best features that visitors will love. Understanding how Real Favicon Generator works brings confidence in the outcome.

The generator accepts JPG, SVG, PNG, and other formats at least 70x70 in size. For optimal results, I use images of at least 260x260. The website does the heavy-lifting work to create the necessary icons. The demo shows how the final outcome will look like to allow size adjustments. Alternatively, I can check other existing Favicons using the online tool to see other improvements to borrow for better results. Testing helps determine the number of icons that fit the platform perfectly for better representation and impression.

A good icon helps my branding and makes the website identifiable as long as they are placed perfectly. Displaying them close to the website name or close to the open tabs makes the site look functional and appealing. I always use the simple interface to create custom Favicons free. This is a standalone tool that supports different file sizes and format options. Most importantly, it has user-friendly and the fastest tools.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
03 May 20211310

When branding a business on the digital market, it is important to have a visual presentation of the website that entices potential customers into reading more about products and services being offered. Redketchup favicon generator is ideal in creating the pictorial presentation of a webpage making people attracted to the website and be able to locate it easily.

RedKetchup Favicon Generator
RedKetchup Favicon Generator

Redketchup favicon generator has an image resizing feature that helps me to upload appropriate picture sizes that can load quickly on my site when refreshed. An extensive free favicon library with a pre-designed favicon helps me to choose a suitable favicon that can attract more customers and generate traffic to my site before generating it.

The generator also includes an interoperability feature that allows me to convert PNG, JPEG, and GIF into ICO. This creates icons that will be visible to my probable customers regardless of what device they will use in searching my website and whether they are using an Android or Microsoft operating system. Further incredible editing tools like brush, pencil, eraser are incorporated and this helps me in creating very unique icons.

Download and preview are also very ideal every time I am using the generator. With this, I can preview and know how my images will be presented on the website and whether they are fit for use in captivating customers so that I can have larger traffic. This generator also has a very user-friendly interface which gives me an easy time converting my images for online use and this saves me time as I get to work faster with the application.

SShreya Chaudhary
16 Apr 20214810

When the word Favicon generator comes up in any conversation, most people find themselves ignorant when it comes to this topic. Ever since I started working on my website design last year, I realized the subtle importance of the Favic-o-Matic!


Firstly, it makes my website more attractive as it adds to its visual appeal by making it look more eye-catching to my user base. The visibility of my business website is increased multiple times, hence making it more easily recognizable to potential/future clients. The user experience of my website is improved in multiple ways on multiple browsers and devices by just adding the right icon.

The Favic-o-matic icon is helpful to me in multiple ways, such as helping me quickly locate a specific page in an efficient manner, when multiple tabs are open. It is possible to convert any image above the recommended 32 by 32 pixel into either a standard Favicon.ico/png format or the IOS, android, metro tile icons to go with various platforms.

The best thing about this icon generator is the fact that it is completely free of cost for anyone to try, at any given time. The icon provides a great boost to my brand image online, increasing the footfall of potential customers by 60 percent and cementing my reputation amongst clients. I find this tool is fairly easy to use and its website can be navigated with ease on mobile as well as desktop. Another important factor that this icon helps in is adding legitimacy and increasing the credibility of my website and business, which I find is very crucial in gaining the trust of potential customers who could expand my customer base even more! A small but powerful icon one must not underestimate!

PPushkar Jain
19 Jan 20215710

Favicon is extremely important for your website. An attractive favicon helps in the branding of your website and digital business. It is the small 16x16 pixels icon that can be seen on top of the browser tab if someone is active on your website. There are numerous advantages of using a good looking favicon.

Credits : FAVICON.IO

And the best part is you can make an attractive favicon for free with just a few clicks even if you are not from a designing background. Thanks to the advancement in software for this. Open your browser and type Favicon.io in your search engine. Here you can create a favicon with just a text, an icon, or an emoji in a super-easy way. This free generator lets you select the font from 800+ font options. You can choose your own background, color, shape, and size because of its highly customizable nature.

The tool also provides ore made icons that can be used directly or can customize according to your need. I made my first website as a blogger nearly two years ago. That was a blogging website where I wrote blogs about the best gifts option you can choose to gift on different occasions. I generated a very sweet favicon which worked perfectly for my brand and that costs 0$. I will highly recommend using this source when you are making a favicon for your new website or thought of changing your current one.

One thing I would like to suggest is that make sure you, along with choosing an attractive favicon, are making a favicon that represents your brand and your business.