? Which is the Best Video Conferencing App for Business Meetings?

SShreya Chaudhary
12 Sep 20211710

As technology moves at an incredible speed, it becomes increasingly important to choose the right kind of app/tools to facilitate my personal business requirements. Zoom simplifies video conferencing and messaging across any device with ease.

This modern app has become a necessary tool for me to use, to conduct smooth business meetings virtually. I personally found that it is quite easy to start, join and collectively add/collaborate across any device, making it a pleasure to use this app. The Chat tool is an incredible feature of this app, as it enables me to instantly chat with any of my team members and or start a meeting as well as share files and/or search for content in any of the private/public groups that are visible. A special characteristic is Zoom United, which has helped me save my time and prevent loss of information, by allowing me to move from a phone call to any important meetings with just a click!

Also, it is a team-friendly application that is built for modern-day teams with HD video and audio, which can support up to 1000 video participants and 49 videos on the screen, making it a winner in the volume department in terms of conference meetings. Additionally, I can record all my conferences locally or to the cloud along with searchable transcripts. After adding this app as part of my business, I have reported an increase in trust & confidence amongst my team members, a higher sense of engagement with the group as well as improved performance. Administration and remote assistance are made very easy, making the deployment and support aspect easier to handle sitting from anywhere in the world.

Zoom allows for Built-in collaboration tools for multiple participants to share their screens at the same time and co-annotate for a much more interactive meeting. I also like the powerful meeting security feature it provides, which basically ensures that meetings proceed without any disruption. The Video webinar of this application is super useful as it greatly enhances personal connection with our audiences when we present as a business. Additionally, support for scheduling or starting meets from outlook Gmail/iCal is completed by the Streamlined Calendering feature and this makes it one of my favourite apps.

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