? Which is the Best Video Conferencing App for Business Meetings?

BBenson Omondi Awino
17 Sep 20211410

Whereby is a company from Norway that owns an application providing user-friendly video conferences and online meetings. Joining virtual business meetings is easy since you just type a link on your browser and no downloading of software is required.

Credits : WHEREBY

With a single click, colleagues and business partners were able to jump into a session, this saved my team a lot of time. Using a personalized URL to join virtual events is much quicker since everyone can remember the link and there is no guest registration. This also saved me the pain of always sharing the link.

The app ensures that our engagements are secure using the Whereby embedded simple API which encrypts our messages. My company was able to integrate our company website and application with this video conferencing app since they offer a developer guide, this ensured that customer experience was great since they could join the meetings from our organization's website or application. I could configure my meeting experiences with simple controls on features by just turning them on and off.

With the screen sharing option that users can turn off and on, moderators can share presentations with their teams. Our team was able to set our logo and used our company colours on the platform this personalized our experience through the customization feature. Some rooms can hold up to 100 people, this solved the problem of hosting visitors in our conferences who could access meetings on any mobile device whether Android or IOS. We were able to break out our sessions into groups during workshops and events, dividing ourselves into groups on the virtual platform was much faster than physical engagements. By default, the rooms are set in a way that the host is the only one that allows guests for meeting privacy.

Worries on any of the members missing any conferences were reduced with the recording feature which captured every detail in our meetings. For quicker engagement, we used emojis that helped deliver emotions or thoughts quicker and there are also fun to use. Whereby is efficient since it has minimal outages which can be a nightmare.

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