? Which is the Best Video Conferencing App for Business Meetings?

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
26 Apr 20212410

With the surge in freelancing and work from home culture, many business organizations have opted to work remotely by use of video conference tools to promote their efficiency in the completion of projects. Ring central video is one of the major apps that has played a big role in ensuring the collaboration of business and boosted productivity in many organizations.

RingCentral Video Meetings
RingCentral Video Meetings

Ring central video has a meeting recording functionality that has enabled me to review my meetings over and over without missing important points that may have been highlighted by my superiors. Real-time insight tracking and analytics provided by the app also ensures that I can maximize the satisfaction of my meeting results with other colleagues after every interaction and make sure we have a successful meeting that passes information to every member.

Any device support feature makes it possible for me to use the application remotely with any of the devices that I find suitable such as my phone or laptop every time I have a meeting to attend. In-meeting screen sharing has enabled me to bring colleagues together in collaborating on a document and giving ideas on what should be done to counter a certain challenge in our business meetings.

The HD voice and video are vital because it has made sure transmission of high-quality video and audio enabling my meetings to have high clarity making the passing of information among business colleagues to be successful. An integrated messaging and business phone system in the app boosts connection among employees and makes my team more efficient by allowing us to pass on an important piece of information during or after a meeting for clarification purposes.

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