Which is the Best Video Conferencing App for Business Meetings?

The best video conferencing app for business meetings is the fastest way for teams to meet online. Join video conference, share your screen, take meeting notes and collaborate with your team members in real-time.

SS. Archana
29 Mar 202115490

With advances in technology, businesses have permitted their employees to work remotely utilizing conferencing solutions for communications, updates, and meetings. I found Cisco Webex an ideal choice for video conferencing for an online business meeting.

Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex
Credits : CISCO

The quality audio and HD support uninterrupted video is a must feature I must highlight. Being a software engineer, I work remotely and mandate to meet several clients remotely. Though I work remotely, I was able to hear everyone on call clearly with no disturbances. The HD video quality helped me conduct a clear face-to-face meeting with my clients to share my ideas. The AI-powered meeting assistant was an exclusive feature in the online conferencing app. I was able to focus on the meeting throughout, with a voice-activated digital assistant. I was attentive with the meeting as a Webex assistant takes notes for me.

The Cisco Webex video conferencing tool supports a massive 1000 attendees to attend the meeting. This feature made me feel as if I was in a real conference room with 1000 attendees. I was able to deliver my message to mass employees from remote locations. The best part was I could pick employees directly and create a separate panel for presentation, webinar, or meeting. The recording of meetings and transcription was an innovative feature in the app. I found an opportunity to record the meeting either through cloud storage or locally and obtain transcripts automatically. The recording feature was helpful for later use.

Webex chats are yet another exciting feature in the video conferencing tool that reaps exclusive benefits for clients. The above feature helped me stay connected to my team throughout the meeting session. It was similar to an instant messenger. I was able to initiate a one-to-one chat, chat in groups with my colleagues, share files, emojis, updates, etc. during the video conferencing meeting. I found all the features very beneficial with stress-free use for meetings.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
14 Apr 20214420

From payments to video conferences to chats and weddings, everything has been made online. Nowadays many employees and workers work from home and attend all the conferences online. My company started using Pexip for this, and I found it the most useful video conferencing app for any sort of online business.

Credits : PEXIP

Various pleasing features of Pexip made me choose this as the best video conferencing app. Its excellent adaptive composition enables more productive, engaging video collaboration from any device whether it may be a brand new system or older devices. As I use an old device I found it very useful and handy. Its one-touch join ability reduces a lot of manual work so that anyone can join by just hitting the join button.

Pexip also integrates with many meeting services, and this allows us to connect tools, systems, and programs that can be used to make the work done. As it supports single sign-on and users can only login with the company's login details, it is safe and secure, and this made me choose it. Apart from this, Pexip allows us to easily stream and record conferences that can be viewed later. And this made things easy for me and my colleague, we can always record our meetings and watch them in our actual free time.

The best part is this app can be downloaded for both desktop and mobile devices, and you can easily manage everything from either of the devices, anywhere and anytime. Pexip also offers both self-hosted and service deployment options so that anyone can decide it's most effective use for their organization.

DDeepshikha Thapar
03 Apr 20214020

GoToMeeting is the best solution for any time, anywhere meeting for a virtual meeting. A simple easy platform ensures reliable virtual meetings with various tools and facilities under one roof helping businesses flourish with secure online meetings in work from home culture and it has by far has the industry's best audio and video quality.

GoToMeeting by LogMeIn
GoToMeeting by LogMeIn

GoToMeeting comes fully loaded with features so that my business can deliver the best video conferencing experience to my business clients and employees. It has the facilities like video meetings where I experience crystal clear audio, there is no background noise which allows me to attend my morning yoga and meditation classes without interruption. My family takes Zumba classes and they can easily unmute and ask anything if they want.

It is loaded with suppression mobile conferencing calling, It also comes with all high-level security for my business and has a security patch. It has all the latest security facilities like single sign-in, encrypted sessions, dismiss attendees, and meeting lock.

The most important feature for my business is account mail templates, reporting, and analytics, so I know how many of my employees have seen my recorded videos If I miss any conference I can attend the session later by the feature “record your session", It also has unlimited cloud recording and serves as my online office plus I save on my hefty rent. Another important thing is I need not remember the time of my business conference meeting as I am always on time for all my meetings, it has a facility like Microsoft and Google calendar by which I can attend the meetings just with a fine click.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
26 Apr 20212210

With the surge in freelancing and work from home culture, many business organizations have opted to work remotely by use of video conference tools to promote their efficiency in the completion of projects. Ring central video is one of the major apps that has played a big role in ensuring the collaboration of business and boosted productivity in many organizations.

RingCentral Video Meetings
RingCentral Video Meetings

Ring central video has a meeting recording functionality that has enabled me to review my meetings over and over without missing important points that may have been highlighted by my superiors. Real-time insight tracking and analytics provided by the app also ensures that I can maximize the satisfaction of my meeting results with other colleagues after every interaction and make sure we have a successful meeting that passes information to every member.

Any device support feature makes it possible for me to use the application remotely with any of the devices that I find suitable such as my phone or laptop every time I have a meeting to attend. In-meeting screen sharing has enabled me to bring colleagues together in collaborating on a document and giving ideas on what should be done to counter a certain challenge in our business meetings.

The HD voice and video are vital because it has made sure transmission of high-quality video and audio enabling my meetings to have high clarity making the passing of information among business colleagues to be successful. An integrated messaging and business phone system in the app boosts connection among employees and makes my team more efficient by allowing us to pass on an important piece of information during or after a meeting for clarification purposes.

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
11 Apr 20214310

It used to get hard for me to be available everywhere 24x7, and as the multitasker I am, I would want to be able to do as many things as possible at a single go! For this reason, while browsing a good and reliable video conferencing app I came across AIRMEET, and this really made my life sorted.

Credits : AIRMEET

I can host a meeting for a larger number of my clients allowing all of us to stay connected and updated on all of our upcoming events. AIRMEET also allows me to easily download the meeting we have held, this helps me in holding myself and my clients accountable for all the deals we have closed and the assignments we have picked. They also help in live streaming our events onto various social media platforms allowing us to attract an audience who are actually interested in our work.

The best part about AIRMEET is that it doesn't hold the boring and dull meetings we generally have. Instead, it allows us to style it the way we want by embedding fun backdrops and eye-catchy virtual representation. Bonus? they also help me by providing me with the stats and analytics of the events our company holds, this way it gets easier for our team to learn about our user's behavior.

Registering with AIRMEET is quite hassle-free unlike with other video conferencing apps which require tons of your personal information who in the end do not even provide their authenticity policies. They also have a feature where we can poll whilst conducting a meeting or an event, this is quite unique and surprisingly easy to make and make use of.

AArnab Mondal
07 Apr 20213410

Microsoft Teams has outperformed its competition in regards to the notion of what a communication app can do and is literally dominating the field of Video Conferencing and real-time interaction. It has a wide user base and comes with a lot of features which I have been using since the beginning of joining my company and I have never faced any issues with them.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

I have hosted many meetings on Teams and it is my preferred medium because of two reasons which are that it can host up to a maximum of 10,000 people and I can choose to mute anyone or remove them if they become unruly. This has tremendously helped me conduct seminars with large organisations and micro-manage them all easily along with a raise hand option which allows me to resolve doubts after every session.

I have also made personal groups that are different from teams where you can create a subsection for each team for efficient micro-management of each topic. Before and after a session I have interacted with my audience to listen to their queries. I usually set my status to green under my profile picture to indicate I am available which gets automatically changed to DND or Red during meetings to signify that I am in a meeting. When I am unavailable, people who call me have an option so that they can leave me a personal cloud voicemail. This feature has really helped me connect better with my audience after I come back from my break.

Microsoft Teams also has the facility which allows me to share excel and word documents directly for a specified team. It allows me to edit and share all my documents from one place without ever leaving the application which increases my overall productivity and keeps me engrossed in my work. At times when I need the organisation hierarchy and need to mail someone's supervisor, I can click on the feature of Organisation tab beside files which shows me the detailed Rank hierarchy right up to the CEO level beginning from that person.