Which is the Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth?

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth is specially designed to fight germs and bacteria and to reduce pain. Its ingredients protect your sensitive teeth, strengthens the enamel, helps eliminate plaque and tartar and make your teeth whiter.

VVanthatipalli Arun Kumar
24 Jan 2021252120

Teeth sensitivity is a state where your teeth encounter certain discomfort or pain when exposed to hot or cold food items. It can be both a temporary and chronic problem, and it may affect a single tooth, all teeth, or maybe some. You can treat this with a change in oral hygiene regimen.

Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste
Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste

People have delicate teeth because of their thinner enamel related to others. Which mainly occurs due to cleaning too hard or eating acidic foods. Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste is the best sensitive toothpaste one can use for the improvement of their teeth. This toothpaste gives immediate relief to the hypersensitive teeth if applied for one minute.

Compared to conventional fluoride toothpaste, it gives significant relief from the teeth sensitivity after using it twice daily, but you should use it for the shortest one month to get better results. It creates a long-term barrier to pain only if you use it properly. It also plugs the ways that lead to sensitive tooth nerves to obstruct the pain.

Some Additional Benefits of Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste:

  1. Helps prevent cavities
  2. Reduces gum inflammation
  3. Prevents gum bleeding

One can use this product and get the desired results. If you are holding any sensitivity issues, do not think twice, just go and buy the Himalaya Sensitive Toothpaste. It will serve your purpose, and you will be happy after using this product. I use this regularly, and I recommend using it to get relief from tooth sensitivity.
Good teeth give you good health…!

HHajirah Mahmood
19 Jan 20214060

Imagine having a good day out with your homies, you get ice-cream as a dessert. While everyone else is excited about it and filling their spoons fast, to eat it out before melting; and you are actually waiting for it to melt a bit. So, it may not hurt your teeth. What a pity. It is not bad or to be frowned upon that you got sensitivity in your teeth. But if you continue living your life without doing something for this. Then it is trouble.

While we are on the subject of sensitivity, I recommend you to use Colgate Sensitive toothpaste to bug out your sensitive teeth. The Colgate sensitive is not only helpful for the sensitivity but it also fulfills the purpose of protection for your tooth not for a few hours but 24/7. Colgate sensitive toothpaste will protect you against cavities in your teeth. It will fight tartar for you. It does give you healthy gums in return.

With Colgate sensitive, you can take good care of your teeth with a good-smelling breath, plaque-free appearance, and much better dental hygiene.

The Colgate sensitive contains unique ingredients of potassium nitrate which plays a role against sensitivity in your teeth. It also contains sodium fluoride which will protect your teeth from forming inflammation-prone cavities. Colgate Sensitive is now a brand across the world because of its long-lasting services and quality results.

It definitely adds flavors to your breath and doesn't let sensitivity snatching flavors from your favorite foods.

SSapna Shom
19 Jan 20213421

A few months back I was suffering from toothache and sometimes I could also see blood while brushing my teeth and it was getting worse day by day. Since it was the period of lockdown, I couldn't visit the dentist because I felt it was unsafe then I googled and researched a bit and to my surprise, most of the search results showed ‘Sensodyne’. But Sensodyne actually offers different kinds of toothpaste for different specific usage, but most of them are for sensitivity or tooth enamel repairing. So, as you can see I was confused again but I made a choice and I chose ‘Sensodyne 24/7 Sensitivity Protection Gum Care Toothpaste’ mostly because my gums were bleeding.

I started using it now, to be honest, I did not feel any difference in my dental condition and that is very obvious nothing gives you the results that quick except for the painkillers. I kept using it for a week and I must say the gum bleeding was reduced but it did not stop just yet and I was still experiencing the same amount of pain and a really weird sensation whenever I tried to eat ice cream and I cannot forget those days because I had to quit eating ice cream. Nonetheless, I kept using the Sensodyne Gum Care and it was after 21-22 days that I felt the actual difference in my dental conditions. The gum bleeding had almost vanished, the toothache was mostly gone but I was still getting the weird sensation whenever I tried having an Ice Cream God! It was hard but after using Sensodyne gum care for 35-40 days I was able to eat ice cream again, my toothache was gone, my gum was not bleeding anymore and I was extremely happy.

Presently, I don't use it anymore because I feel it has done its work and I am back to using my normal toothpaste but my mother still uses it and it has become her favorite. To sum up, I actually recommend this ‘Sensodyne’ to anyone and everyone suffering from tooth problems be it sensitivity or repair.

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I've experienced sensitivity during root canal treatment, my gums were very tender, had severe pain, by use of Sensodyne toothpaste, I got totally relieved of the problem in a month's duration.

AAnirban Majumder
29 Jul 20213410

Many people look forward to getting and using an effective toothpaste that dispels tooth sensitivity or troublesome trickling pain perpetually. Thermoseal Repair(Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate Toothpaste) acts very fast to relive them forever.

Food particles and their residues inside our mouth produce excessive acids that cause unbearable pain, damage and decay of enamel. Thermoseal Repair is composed of Strontium Chloride Formula. As a result, due to the presence of its protective components and characteristics, it resists and alleviates pain and also lessens the formation of acids in and around gums. It goes without saying that regular use of this magical product starts its action quite faster and gives permanent relief from ill-feeling. It maintains tooth enamel and drives its sensitivity away forever.

Calcium plays an important part in strengthening teeth and bones. Truly speaking, the mint flavour of Thermoseal Repair makes me feel fresh with its natural flavour. It also eliminates any possible disgusting stink from my mouth. As a result, it makes the beginning of a brilliant day ahead as far as my mood is concerned. Significant enough, in cold weather, this product doesn't tend to freeze or look like a hard, gelid and shapeless dollop. This one also has removed stubborn brownish marks from the surfaces of my teeth very effectively. Thus, it has proved its versatility in keeping my overall oral health.

Since Thermoseal Repair produces sufficient foam that can spread between every tooth, it affects all bacteria well that even remain at the gaps, to quickstart their oppressive treatment. Surprisingly, a little of this toothpaste can work very well to give results. So, it lasts for a long period. This Medicated Toothpaste also precludes tooth-cavity and thus it looks after my family's oral health.

31 May 20212110

Feeling pain and discomfort after biting an ice cream is a major sign of tooth sensitivity. Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste proves to be a gem for people suffering from this problem.

Parodontax Toothpaste
Parodontax Toothpaste

This condition occurs when our teeth are exposed to hot or cold temperatures. It may affect a single tooth, a group of teeth, or all teeth at once. And it may be temporary for some and chronic for others. One thing to note especially is that people with dental issues are more vulnerable to this condition and find it more serious than others.

Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste proved to be a great source of relief to my sensitive teeth. I found that this toothpaste contains stannous fluoride, a chemical that fights tooth sensitivity pain and helps prevent cavities. Also, it keeps the seal between gums and teeth tight, which will prevent gum diseases. Now, I don't remember how that pain feels like after using this toothpaste.

And I had a plaque in my teeth that caused my gums to bleed. To help with this problem, this toothpaste provided me a noticeable reduction in plaque and bleeding gums in just 12 weeks. I also noted that Parodontax isn't like a usual fluoride toothpaste. It contains sodium bicarbonate which slowly removes plaque bacteria and restores natural whiteness as we brush.

Another problem I faced which is common among most of us, irrespective of teeth sensitivity is bad breath. No matter how hard we brush and rinse our mouth, bad breath never seems to leave us! This toothpaste's new formula contains pure mint that conquered this problem and now always makes sure my breath smells fresh.

This toothpaste provides all the benefits that a usual fluoride toothpaste provides. Thus, it can provide a good oral health routine for anyone trying to have strong and healthy teeth.

SShreya Chaudhary
26 Mar 20212710

The importance of a good toothpaste cannot be stressed enough as a good one can automatically help strengthen the health of your precious teeth. As I have always been on the hunt for a good toothpaste for my sensitive teeth, stumbling upon Elsenz toothpaste has been nothing short of a blessing.

Ever since childhood, my teeth have been somewhat of a sore point for me, as they are extremely sensitive, preventing me from enjoying foods such as ice cream and some specific spicy foods. After discovering this toothpaste last year, I have been able to comfortably eat food types that I could never really enjoy previously. Not only this, the presence of Fluoro calcium Phosposilica in this toothpaste acts as a highly protective factor for the health of my enamel.

Another important feature is the combination of apatite formation along with ion release, which sets this toothpaste apart from others, as this helps in remineralization and building a stronger set of teeth for the long run. I have also noticed that the bad morning breath I was suffering from has magically disappeared after I started using Elsenz toothpaste.

I brush twice a day and have noticed a significant improvement in the whiteness of my teeth, as previously the shine was simply not there. The overall health of my gums has seen an improvement in leaps and bounds, as well as the soreness present in my gums, which has quickly disappeared, leaving the feeling of just pure freshness in my mouth. I feel, lighter, brighter, healthier, and fresher just overall after using this miracle of toothpaste.

PPushkar Jain
03 Feb 20212910

Aquafresh Maximum Sensitive Strength is an amazing toothpaste specially made for sensitive teeth. Fluoride is the main ingredient present in it. The toothpaste gives 100 percent sugar acid protection.

It also helps strengthen your teeth and fighting with cavities. It comes in a smooth mint flavor to avoid the nauseating feeling you got while brushing with toothpaste, which has medicinal properties. My mother was suffering from sensitive teeth almost two years ago. She first tried brushing her teeth twice a day with our regular toothpaste but we saw no results.

Our family doctor recommended using this product. This cures her sensitive teeth completely. Although it took more than one month, she started feeling its effect. If you are also suffering from sensitive teeth, you have to take care of some additional practices like drinking warm water, avoiding ice creams, and food that is too hot or sizzling. She loved this toothpaste so much that even now after two years, she is using this only. Aquafresh Sensitive Strength is a bit costly than other average sensitive kinds of toothpaste in the market but the results are far better if we start comparing.

One thing has to consider that the time it takes to cure sensitive teeth 100 percent totally varies from person to person. It took complete five months of regular usage in my mother's case, whereas it took eight months for my uncle. It is recommended to consult a dentist first if you want this product for a child. Make sure you use the right quantity on every use instead of overwhelming for quick results. Size equal to that of a pea is recommended.

RRajkumar Mondal
19 Jan 20213310

Some people feel pain in their teeth while drinking cold water or eating ice-cream. This is called the feeling of sensitivity in the tooth. The sensitivity of teeth is referred to feeling discomfort when you eat or drink something that is a very low or high temperature. This happens when your tooth enamel (outer layer of the tooth) gets worn-out. Your nerves are directly exposed to the tooth and this makes you feel discomfort. Also, a crack in the tooth can be the main reason for the sensitivity.

Home remedies like Rinsing with Saltwater, using honey and warm water, drinking green tea, and turmeric can give you relief to some extent. But, using desensitizing toothpaste can help you more. In the market, many toothpaste companies provide desensitizing toothpaste but, according to the dentists, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair Toothpaste is a perfect choice. The weakening of tooth enamel is the main cause of tooth sensitivity. The concentration of fluoride and the presence of potassium nitrate (this substance prevents tooth pain and restores tooth enamel) get rid of sensitive teeth. This product is clinically proven and provides long-term relief with regular use.

This toothpaste is available on both platforms online and offline. I think everybody knows about Colgate, needn't bother with any presentation I am utilizing this since my youth, the item is great with any quality issue and do approx 90% of its case, As this is arriving in another super saver pack 200+100gm+1toothbrush it has gotten considerably more reasonable for the individuals.

Anyway, I saw that an industrious sore vanished when I ceased utilizing this and depended on pasteless brushing. The expectation is not influencing the great microscopic organisms or anything.

BBhagwan Mishra
19 Jan 20212210

A good number of the World's population suffers from sensitive teeth even many young peoples are suffering from sensitive teeth the research found that the peoples who are at age 22 and more suffer most they suffer from a lot of pain.

I will not say that only this product is available in the market. But the difference between Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum and other products is that the other product gives only relief from pain and sensitivity which is not a permanent solution. but Sensodyne repair and product is only one product in the market which not only give relief from the sensitivity of teeth but also it repairs sensitive area of teeth. these sensitive areas of teeth are the main cause of sensitivity of teeth and pain.

I can remember the days when I was also suffering from teeth pain and sensitivity - used too many remedies but none of them worked any work then they worked only for few days. but when I started using this product my problem was fully solved by just using this toothpaste twice a day. it is prepared with the formulation of Novamin and Sodium Monofluorophosphate (SMFP). research foundations have stated that this formulation is best for creating a reparative layer on vulnerable areas.

Even many dentists suggest this product for sensitive teeth. And one thing to be noted that it's very budget-friendly. Even people from every class of society can buy this toothpaste. This is the reason that I suggest and recommend this product. It also helps to gain original whitening of teeth this indicates that it can be used by everyone. Smiles are the most precious thing to be taken care of. And if you have sensitive teeth then you should take care of it most.