Which is the Best Tent for Hiking and Camping in Mountains?

When you plan for hiking trip, don't leave without a tent for hiking or camping. The best tent for you is the one that gives you enough room to sleep and relax which allows you to enjoy your time outdoors.
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PPriya S.
24 Mar 202116250

Who doesn't like the idea of outdoor camping and enjoying the night in the wild, by sneaking the night sky through a tent window. When we sketch a camping plan as a family, it is always with our One Source camping tent LED lighting from Coleman.

In fact, this tent is our second home, as it keeps us as comfortable and safe as possible with its ambient airflow system and breathable cloth lining. It actually has it all, the Coleman tent is spacious, as it can accommodate the four of us with our pet comfortably. Our tent features a rechargeable fan that refreshes the air at least six times an hour to help us breathe free and its 10-lumens LED flashlight on top helps diffuse warm light all through the tent. We charge the lithium-ion battery that powers them from vehicles, wall outlets, and also from universal power packs.

Its rechargeable battery system, which gets charged in just two hours is powered by a USB cable, that we use to charge tablets, smartphones, and other gears when we are out camping. Controls for the fan and light along with the battery docking station are accessible easily from the front flap of our tent, which makes this tent even more comfortable after a tiring day of hiking.

The inside space (10 x 10 feet) and its center height (about 6 feet) are good enough to keep us safe and comfortable all day and night and we actually fit two queen-size air beds in our tent to have a good enough rest period before getting ahead with the trek for the next day. The tent is easy to set up and diffuse and hardly takes around 10 minutes. There are many small storage pockets in the tent that helps our kids stock their gear comfortably.

Coleman rechargeable camping dome is our first best companion when we plan to camp cross country and it keeps us safe, organized, and composed against all odds, irrespective of the environment.

SS. Archana
08 Apr 20217230

Trekking and camping are adventurous features of life every individual loves to experience. During such expeditions, tents are a significant accessory to be carried everywhere, and hence, I opted for the Zpacks Duplex tent to protect myself during camping or trekking.

Zpacks Duplex Tent
Zpacks Duplex Tent
Credits : ZPACKS

The tent is manufactured with Dyneema composite fabric that delivers superior strength. The superior strength offers my tent extreme durability and robustness for the long life of the tent. I was happy to make a one-time investment in a quality material tent. I use the tent multiple times for trekking and camping purposes. The lightweight feature was an added advantage that eased my load as I trek or hike for long distances.

Moreover, the waterproof material was exclusive as it does not absorb water and supported my stay in all places irrespective of the weather condition. Though I trek cold or dry areas, I carry my best companion for comfort. The Zpacks Duplex tents are spacious to fit two people. I found good space and comfort with my friend near me during my stay at camping sites. I enjoyed peaceful rest with the spacious tent. The tent setting is straightforward, by using either trekking poles or free standing. We followed the guidelines in erecting the tent with trekking poles and found it very simple. I found the simple setting up effortless and was able to set the tent without help.

The bathtub floors are about 8” deep and employ insect netting. The depth of the bathtub supported me with running waters and puddles at times of rain. I did not have to worry if there was rain or snow as the tent was supportive of all climatic conditions. The insect netting was yet another helpful feature that helped in air circulation and averted internal condensation. This insect netting feature was unique for excellent air ventilation and a cozy stay. The Zpacks duplex tent comes with two vestibules and doors. I must appreciate this as it allowed us to find our way out at any time of stay without disturbing the partner. The two doors were comfortable as me, and my partner moved out and in as we wish.

SSanjeev Kumar
06 Mar 202114430

If anyone asks me which is the best tent for tracks in the mountains my prompt reply will be Highlander Outdoor Blackthorn 2, Hunter Green is indeed the best tent I had ever purchased.

Highlander Outdoor Blackthorn 2 Tent
Highlander Outdoor Blackthorn 2 Tent

I decided to buy it after getting a recommendation from my fellow hikers, and this product has proven its worth many times for me during my hiking expeditions. A couple of times we were caught in the rain but thanks to the PU coated fabric with a hydrostatic head and polyethylene groundsheet of this tent and its ability to remain dry in even pouring rains.

The most remarkable thing about this tent is that it is only around 3 kg in weight which makes it very easy to carry along. You can even pack it in your rucksacks if you are carrying a size of 50 liters or more with you. The inbuilt bug net is also quite impressive as it helps to get a good sleep in this tent without worrying about bugs and midges. The poles which I got with this tent were made of fiberglass and that makes them very hardy and durable for even windy conditions. Though the company says that the tent is for two people only, it can easily adjust three people.

With a sturdy design, this portable tent is a remarkable example of craftsmanship and made me fall for it on the first look. Highlander Outdoor Blackthorn 2 is suitable for operation in any kind of weather and no matter whether it is heavy rains or harsh winds it can survive all. I remember the moment when our group reached the decided spot very late and most of the team was struggling to pitch their tents. Thanks to the high visibility guy lines which come with this tent that makes it very easy to pitch even in the dark.

AAdeel Khokhar
20 Mar 20216220

SlingFin Portal Tent is an unbelievably lightweight and strong tent with extra innovations, specially designed for hiking and camping adventures on mountains. It provides high-security in all weathers to climbers in the rough and tough bumpy stations also at high tops of rocky ranges.

SlingFin Portal Tent
SlingFin Portal Tent
Credits : SLINGFIN

Its 10 DAC J-Stakes give maximum grip to adjust it with soil instead of sharp winds. The foundations of my tent established very strong during our stay in the Northern areas and provided us security. The footprint sheet prevented me from moisture which usually appears inside the tent due to heavy rains or extreme snowfalls. We remained warmed inside the tent and did all our activities.

The tent has two doors and two vestibules to provide light, air, and front view beautifully. It made my December visit to Northern Areas with my partner livable and joyful, the view from the vestibule was fabulous. We prepared and set up our tent with a pole swivel to connect all poles from all sides by automatically adjustable structure. Pole swivel supports strips and handles to adjust with each other in a firm way.

I use to put my luggage and various gadgets in the pockets stitched inside, in a versatile way. It provides me with a whole living plan inside to keep save all luggage. KickStand vents control air for my smooth breathing nicely to make sure the required breeze enters the tent. Its ventilation system works with weather conditions which provides my lungs fresh air. SlingFin Portal Tent prevents me from dust entering because I found maximum flexibility in its exhausts.

GGokul MC
20 May 20211210

My search for an excellent two-person tent ended with the REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Tent with Footprint from REI Co-op. This tent is a perfect mix of quality, utility, and affordability.

The REI Co-op’s Half Dome uses thinner fabrics that are tough. It can be set up and taken down quickly with its one-piece hubbed, color-coded pole assembly. It is spacious enough for two people with gear and a small child or a pet. In a pinch, the expansive 33.75 square feet allow you to squeeze in another person.

At 3 lbs. 15 oz, this tent has a slightly heavier trail weight than the competition. But the few extra pounds are more than compensated with superior space, comfort, and durability. The pre-bent pole and unique tension-truss architecture of the SL 2+ give you stable sidewalls and ample space for headroom.

The Half Dome SL 2+ is one of the toughest tents in the market in this price range. If you set it up below treeline, this three-season tent is excellent for winter camping and backpacking in the mountains. The two large D-shape doors make entry and exit easy. They are easy to roll up or secure whenever necessary. The interior contains thoughtfully placed pockets and hangloops for stowing gear. Furthermore, you can roll up the sides and ends for increased airflow and to enjoy the scenery. In case of a sudden squall, you can roll down the sides quickly.

The SL 2+ has 2 closable ceiling vents. These vents help increase the airflow and minimize condensation. It also comes with all the necessary accessories to make camping easy. What I loved about this tent is that it doesn't cut back on features. If you are looking for a perfect mix of value for money, durability, and features, this tent ticks all the boxes. It is, however, recommended that you carry extra stakes just in case. Due to its height, this tent could be vulnerable to extreme winds.

SShreya Chaudhary
16 May 20212510

Quality tents are a must for people who are looking to climb a mountain in the near future. Well, my suggestion for individuals looking to do so, is to take the FIRA LITE 2 by Gipfel Climbing along to make your trip highly worthwhile.

Fira 2 Lite Tent by Gipfel Climbing
Fira 2 Lite Tent by Gipfel Climbing

FIRA LITE 2 Tent is a very premium quality tent as compared to other similar tents that I have combed through, making it an instant favorite of mine. It is a very comfortable tent as it creates the feeling of a cozy home, keeping me safe as well as being a tough one made of RIPSTOP NYLON which protects me against the harsh elements. This tent is built in a manner that keeps me very warm even at altitudes of 5000 ft & above. A fully breathable Nylon inner tent is what makes sleeping inside this tent worthwhile as I don't find myself feeling claustrophobic.

The trail weight of this is estimated at 2.05 Kg making it a fairly lightweight tent to carry, causing no additional stress to my back. The lighter materials used to make this tent make it easy to fold and unfold when packing or unpacking. It is a water repellent tent with felled seams that ensures physical safety and dryness if it rains, or even snows unexpectedly during my trip. Also, this tent is a fairly easy one to set up and pitch on the ground anywhere I go on my trekking trips, thanks to the patented Jake's Foot attachments.

This tent's dimensions are estimated to be 45 x 15 x 15 cm making it a physically perfect DOME SHAPED tent, which makes it a very attractive purchase as it is quite compact and just the right size for me. It is designed to be spacious enough for 2 people, so that solo travel is quite possible if I wish and take a friend along as well. It is crafted in a manner that allows this tent to last for at least 3 seasons at the very minimum with the quality of having self-contained stability. Also, this tent has been tested in the Himalayas making this a very reliable tent I can count on.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
11 May 20212710

I ordered this Double Rainbow Tent by Tarptent last year because we planned to go on a trekking trip. As mentioned, on the delivery it included stuff like the tent itself, its fluffy floor, arch poles, stakes for fitting, along with the nylon bag for these.

To be honest! It's a good choice for backpacking, trekking, or any other adventure you are looking for in ruins. It is reliable in harsh conditions as last year I was at a place where it was raining hard with strong winds, and this one stood up as claimed. I think those zippers are actually waterproof because I didn't experience any water dripping. And I didn't face any problem while installing it on those rough grounds, easy to pack it and unpack whenever you need it.

The design has an oversimplified approach, which is acknowledged by me. The room is ample enough for two, as my friend and I (5'11 and 5'9) both easily spent our night in winter and summer camping, but you should have a nice warm sleeping bag for winters. The double netting doors were great for natural scenic views and also saved us from the bugs and worms at the same time.

The aluminum poles and stakes are really strong and not that heavy compared to others, as I didn't come across any such difficulty during my trekking. Carrying the tent was like carrying any other trekking bag. Lightweight and sturdy at the same time make it worth buying. The clip-in liners for this tent by Tarptent are an additional buy but will provide you with a second wall for further warmth and also prevents the dust or rain droplets from getting knocked in by winds.

AAtanu Ray
04 May 20214210

Spending a night in a tent on a remote mountain or a desolate beach is every traveler's dream. And that thrill multiplies manifolds when you have MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person Backpacking Tent on your side.

The tent has specially designed optimized symmetrical geometry that provides maximum space, so I can now sit in the tent and move my hands throughout the tent. Two large side-entry vestibules allow me to store necessary items like mobile, headphone, purse, etc. Two large doors allow me easy in and out facility, the inbuilt rain gutters that keep it dry inside, provide me a quality living experience. This item comes with an integrated, adjustable stake-out loop feature that made the set-up process easy and quick.

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent is made of high tenacity nylon fabric that is extremely long-lasting, despite rough use my tent is not torn in a single place, so it has a low maintenance cost. This product offers a bathtub-style floor that is non-tampered that allows maximum space, so I can sleep comfortably with my traveling partner. I didn't like huge baggage while going on a tour, But this product is lightweight, So I can easily carry it while trekking long distances without getting tired.

The external fabric is coated with polyurethane which makes it waterproof, now I don't have to worry even if it rains heavily. An improved feature like Durashield coated rainfly has a peak, so inside remains dry but I get fresh air and right humidity. So, whether it's raining or dewing outside, I can read a book or listen to my favorite music comfortably inside it.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
26 Apr 20212210

Camping is a beneficial activity that increases family bonding, self-confidence, self-awareness and promotes our appreciation of nature while at the same time fostering our healthy lifestyle. Marmot Limestone 4P is a tremendous tent that can give a perfect adventure through different weather conditions every time I go camping in mountains.

Marmot Limestone Tent
Marmot Limestone Tent
Credits : MARMOT

The tent features interior pockets which are very useful in storing my gears systematically and ensures they don't get displaced during a camping activity with my friends. further, light-reflective points make the tent visible during darkness enabling someone to locate its position easily and so whenever we wander around the camping site to look for firewood or have a better glance at the stars we can always return to our tents safely.

Marmot Limestone has weatherproof seam taped full coverage fly with vents that help keep water from leaking into my tent during a heavy pour and this is very useful because mountainous places tend to have rains frequently which can really cause discomfort if the seams are faulty. Also, the color-coded clips and poles give me a very easy time during setting up the tent by use of these colors.

A lampshade pocket that is present in the tent holds my light and keeps it in perfect position allowing it to provide ambient lighting so that I can read my novel with ease. Having pre-bend construction gives the tent vertical walls which create more sleeping room for me in the tent and also ensures I have greater headroom giving me as much comfort as I need.

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
01 Apr 20214310

If you are a big fan of hiking just like me then you know the downfalls of it too, But I have found a solution with my purchase of Copper Spur by BIG AGNES. I was introduced to it by one of my friends during hiking and since then there is no turning back.

The double vestibule awnings on either side of the tent provide customized options to suit my mood helping me to get extra shade outside of the tent too. The copper spur helps me protect extensively from direct sunlight, drizzle, and various other extreme conditions. With Copper Spur, I didn't even need to worry about insects and other harmful materials as they are made in such a way that saves me from all the harmful microorganisms.

The fly material is made up of proprietary ultra-light Nylon and double ripstop mixed denier fabric which always offers me extra tear strength and puncture resistance without adding weight to my load. They have a simplified tent setup -it has combined three functions into one mechanism allowing me to set it up even if I am on a solo trip. The material is of high quality and provides good ventilation even if we zip up the tent completely.

Copper Spur by BIG AGNES has increased strength, stability, and shedding as compared to other tents which I feel is the best part of my purchase. At the foot and at the ceiling they have an extra bin which allows elevated storage space for me to store my accessories making the tent less cluttered. It has high volume pole architecture which is designed in such a way to provide elevated space which can accommodate 3-4 of my friends easily.