Which is the Best Software for Windows 10 Operating System?

Whether you want to protect your Windows 10 computer from malicious threats or need a solution for speeding up your computer, or maybe installing some utilities - there are a lot of native installable software utilities available to choose from.

KKhushal Singh
06 Jan 202123840

To make decisions easy for you, I have curated a popular software for the Windows 10 operating system.

Credits : CCLEANER

The CCleaner app cleans up unnecessary data. It is the #1 tool for cleaning your PC that makes your computer faster and safer promptly. It removes privacy-sensitive data and maximizes efficiency. It entitles users to deal with their apps and monitor CPU, RAM, and battery usage. It enables you to quickly and easily remove unnecessary installed applications, temporary files, and free up valuable storage space. This is available for Windows & Mac users to download. It accompanies by a simple & instinctive user interface[UI] with the goal that anybody can utilize it effectively in a couple of clicks. It’s very extensive and is widely used in business environments.

It’s totally free to use. There will be an “Analyze” option that will identify junk files before presenting various options. It maximizes efficiency and storage space. Interestingly, all the central functions are accessible in the free version. It is undoubtedly a good software for cleaning up precious space on your Windows 10 system. I would recommend CCleaner to make your system fast, and secure!!! I hope this will assist you to choose updated software to optimize your system.

PPushkar Jain
26 Jan 20214021

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware solution. This software is available for all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 10 too. It was released in January 2006 and is considered as one of the best protection software for windows even after 15 years. This highly advanced software is available in both free and paid versions.


The free version can be used for manual scanning and disinfecting the system. Whereas the paid version does more than just scanning and disinfecting, it blocks malicious websites and allows users to schedule auto-scanning so they don't have to operate manually every time. This anti-virus achieved an eight-star rating and reserved 16th rank from 57 different antivirus companies. It provides four layers of protection working in real-time. These are, Malware protection, Ransomware protection, Web protection and Exploit protection. This has to be noted that Real-time protection is only available on the premium version. Also, I would not suggest using the free version if this is the only anti-virus you got active on our system.

An interesting feature is that you can use Malwarebytes to block unnecessary ads that you see while surfing online. For this, you have to add its extension to your web browser. It has outstanding customer care support. I would recommend you download this software at the top priority because we see news daily covering unethical hacking happening all around the world. So, make sure you protect your system with this effective software from viruses and malware.

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We live in an era of theft of info and hence first when I used the free version of Malwarebytes, it always protected me from unwanted cookies or even links in its own way. It also kept my system safe from any suspicious apps on the tab. Later when I bought the subscription version, then onwards it even alerts me by creating signals through voice clips. It even shows the features of any suspicious virus that can damage the system permanently. It also saves any password from getting revealed as nowadays few password hacking sites are prevalent in the market.

AAdeel Khokhar
06 Mar 20213410

Windows 10 Operating System is widely used by the majority of people in their laptops and PCs, DropBox Software has enormous valuable features for all types of consumers. It is a cloud-based apparatus to save documents, files, or pictures and to share with others having many options with extra-large storage capacity.

Credits : DROPBOX

Cloud storage allows me to keep all my files safe and sound online in the safest place releasing me from the tension of cybersecurity issues that prevent any unknown access to my files. The hassle-free sharing of files is the main feature of this software providing me firm confidence to share my files through various mediums in an effective style. Sharing is a very quick process to execute my freelance writing work including zipped files, photos, videos, and also heavy CAD files in seconds.

The Dropbox Paper is a productivity tool enabling me to create, share and manage my team to meet deadlines or strict schedules. Every team member working on the same project is in my access in real-time because of the communication tools. It allows me to live chat with slack and zoom options in just a few clicks by creating a virtual conference room.

My work done is protected through the tight security system of Dropbox to keep personal files and freelancing work in safe hands. Each file is under my control now with this security system. Sync function makes contacts easy-going in meeting the people through their phones, computer, or other social media accounts. I can approach my co-workers to exchange or update them about business deals and progress.

PPranay Patel
16 Jan 20213910

Gone are the days when artists had to purchase different tools and drawing papers. In today’s digital world, most artists use tablets and other digital devices that come with all the essential drawing tools. If you own a Windows 10 PC and are looking for a reliable app that supports your drawing, then Sketchbook is the best software for you.

Autodesk SketchBook
Autodesk SketchBook
Credits : AUTODESK

Autodesk Sketchbook is a free-to-use tool for Windows PC users. This means you don’t have to pay anything to install and use this app on your PC. It is for free and gives you a bucket full of drawing and sketching tools to bring out the best of creativity on a digital display.

This software is a must-have tool for every Windows 10 PC user. No matter whether you are a professional artist or just a casual PC user, you can still have the best of your time when you use this sketchbook app.

If we talk about the advantages of this software, then the first thing is it is available for free. You can use all the features and tools of this software for free. Besides this, it’s a complete professional drawing tool with an easy-to-use interface.

The software packs with a set of professional drawing tools. These tools are specially made available for architects and designers. Yes, this professional tool helps architectures and designers to design and create their drawing works. Pencils, markers, and other quick-editing tools are available on this software. One can easily convert an ordinary sketch into a masterpiece by using this software. It’s a must-have software for your Windows 10 System, give it a try now!

SShilpi Taneja
07 Jan 202111410

For Microsoft Windows 10, I would recommend the VLC media player. It overcomes all the problems that other Windows Media Players have. It supports a wide variety of codecs and plays all kinds of video and audio files flawlessly. It’s an open-source program and available for other platforms as well. Additionally, it contains support for online network streams and by utilizing this feature we can easily see the Real-time media content. We can also set the playing video as wallpaper, this is really cool feature.

VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player
Credits : VIDEOLAN

And the best part is - it is completely free. We have to pay nothing to use the software. There are a wide variety of customizations available and we can customize the skin of the player. There is no user tracking and third-party ads. This is backed by a not-for-profit organization video lan. VLC media player is an all-in-one package that supports various input formats and media sources. And as a fun fact, it can directly integrate with the webcam or a camcorder.

It supports Fast Hardware decoding which makes watching media a breeze. Since I was using this software for a long time, I have never faced any issues till now. However, please keep in mind that it may burst your speakers when you increase the volume by more than 100%. So use this great software responsibly.