? What is the Best Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping?

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AA. Vijay Kumar
08 Feb 20212410

The lightweight warm Coleman Pathfinder Mummy Sleeping Bag is the best fit for everyone that is suitable for various seasons from comfort temperatures to extreme temperatures. Sleeping bags generally have a temperature gauge.

Wherever you're going, whether camping up a hill or mountain or trying to take a nap in a train compartment on an overnight jaunt, the best sleeping bag you carry can make your journey smooth. Some standard bags are designed to fit men in general, which can be an easy fit for taller slimmer women also (unisex design).

On the other hand, some bags, designed for women, are a litter wider around the hips with additional cushioning at the feet (This can't be called a unisex sleeping bag, although it can fit men that are as short as average women). If you go on a car-camping, the dimension and weight of the sleeping bag don't matter. However, heavy bags can be a little unwieldy for motorcyclists, cyclists, or backpackers.

For the wanderlusts, whether they are campers with or without a car, the Coleman Pathfinder that features compressible but top-caliber Coletherm micro insulation will be a suitable fit. This camping bag has a durable outer fabric made of 10% polyester with perfect lining. The Mummy sleeping bag comes with a hood that provides extra comfort and warmth with thermolock design that mitigates the loss of heat through the zipper. It also comes with sizable inner pockets that can accommodate valuables and small items. As I am a frequent traveler, I was looking for a durable sleeping bag. I bought it as soon as I saw it because it met my two requirements - a bag with a hood and a bag that is not heavy.

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