? What is the Best Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping?

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GGokul MC
22 May 2021610

All outdoor enthusiasts will unanimously agree that a suitable sleeping bag is a must for rest and recovery after a hard day's trek in the wilderness. After several hits and misses, I finally zeroed upon ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -10°.

Since I have a large frame, I prefer roomy sleeping bags that will allow me to roll about a bit and stretch my tired legs after a day in the wild outdoors. This bag's oversized rectangular shape fits the bill perfectly. Moreover, I like the feel and comfort of all-natural fabrics on my skin. This excellent sleeping bag surpassed all my expectations for the price it came in.

The ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood further reassures with its solid, durable feel and rugged cotton canvas exterior. The cotton flannel liner feels just right and does not stick to your skin to make you feel overheated on warmer nights. The TechLoft insulation will keep you warm in cold weather, and its 2-layer offset construction eliminates any cold spots.

This bag is easy to transport, and the three webbing straps with quick-release buckles help keep it rolled up and secure. Moreover, it comes with two choices for the amount of fill. Since this bag is heavier than some of its competitors, it is more suitable for people like me who take their cars to the camping grounds. I always have a lighter sleeping bag for my forays out of the base camp. If you have a cabin in the woods, this bag is perfect as an extra bed for your guests. Overall, this oversized heavy-duty sleeping bag has a natural feel to it and is extremely cozy. It is warm during cold weather and makes for excellent bedding during the summer.

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