? Which is the Best Shampoo for Treating Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis?

AArshneet Kaur
13 Feb 20215410

The SELSUN Blue Deep Cleansing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is best suitable for people who have oily hair. It also has an amazing fragrance. It can be used daily and is effective in reducing itchiness and flakiness.

As a patient of Seborrheic Dermatitis, I understand how hard it is to live with such a stubborn disease. In order to get rid of this, I have tried a dozen anti-dandruff shampoos myself. Products out there have severe side-effects and sometimes don't work at all. However, the brand SELSUN has worked best for me. It contains an element called Selenium Sulfide that helps to treat the issue.

This shampoo does not only cure the fungal disease to a great extent but also retains your hair's quality in terms of volume and silkiness. Most anti-dandruff shampoos are known to degrade people's hairs and make them rough. But, SELSUN gives a beautiful shine along with treating your dandruff. You just have to use it in the right way.

The element Selenium Sulphide present in this medicated solution not only removes dandruff but also prevents its reappearance. Unlike other medicated shampoos, SELSUN does not have a bad smell. In fact, it has an improved fragrance that stays in the hair even after rinsing.

If you are using it daily, one wash is enough. However, in the case of alternate days, you can go for two washes. If you use this product properly with regular conditioning, it is sure to give you noticeable changes in your hair. Regular use of this effective product will surely give you good and satisfying results.

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