? Which is the Best Selfie Stick for Mobile Phone?

PPushkar Jain
23 Jan 202111830

We make memories everyday. So to make sure we don't forget them with time, we capture them into photographs. Using a selfie stick can make our photography experience wonderful. It also helps in capturing wide photographs if you are living in a joint family like me. Now, which is the best stick to buy which we can consider as a good investment?

This selfie cum tripod from Blitzwolf is both powerful and handy at the same time. Blitzwold succeeded in launching complete wireless and remote-controlled selfie stick in the market so that you don't miss any moment because of manual button failure. It has an aluminum body. The full stick length is 600 mm and its holder can extend up to 55 to 88 mm. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and is powered by a 65 mah Li-polymer battery. You can charge the battery to the full in 30 minutes only which can last up to 24 hours. The company claims you can click 50,000 selfies once the stick is fully charged. Although it really sounds a bit awkward but that's a bold promise.

The stick supports 360 degrees left and right rotation and 200 degrees up and down rotation. It weighs around 148 grams only. You can convert it into a tripod also if you shoot TikTok or youtube videos with your phone. And yes there comes the drawback, the stick is only compatible with smartphones and iPhones and not with DSLRs and other regular cameras.

This stick is really a great choice if you are a traveling freak use your phone to capture photos and recording videos.

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