? Which is the Best Selfie Stick for Mobile Phone?

PPranay Patel
21 Jan 20214431

The AtumTek's Selfie Stick is one of the best-selling selfie-sticks in the market. If you love to take selfies using your smartphone and looking for a compatible selfie stick with unique features and functions, then AutmTek's Bluetooth-enabled Selfie Stick is the best option for you. This new-generation selfie stick is designed to take perfect selfies by connecting your smartphones using the built-in Bluetooth functionality.

What makes this selfie-stick so much popular is it comes with a unique design that converts the stick into a tripod. Yes, it's a multi-purpose stick with a unique tripod design. You can even record professional videos using this tripod stand on the table. The tripod's base is padded with anti-slip materials. You can keep it on the table and it stays there steadily with the help of the anti-slip pads.

The foldable design lets you take it anywhere you go. It can be stored in your pocket or in your laptop bag. The size of this stick is 7.7" when fully folded. You can extend the stick by simply pulling out the base or can convert the stick to a tripod by expanding the legs. The lightweight and durable materials make this stick more comfortable.

Besides this, the stick features a detachable remote control. The remote control works with the Bluetooth connection of your device. It enables users to take perfect shots wirelessly. The holder of the stick comes with a multi-angle design. The device can be rotated easily with this multi-angle design. It supports 180 degrees of vertical support and 270 degrees of horizontal support.

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If I think of a selfie stick with all modern facilities, the name of Atum Tek Bluetooth Selfie Stick with Tripod comes first. Its Remote Control is so amazing that along with a well-set angle, it always helps click a perfect selfie. Time can be adjusted accordingly. The small-sized selfie stick is portable while folded and not at all heavy. This model of Tripod can hold the mobile camera perfectly well. The height of this is also adjustable and it never falls down while holding a mobile phone if it is stranded on a desk or ground.

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