? Which is the Best Security Lock for Travel Luggage?

YYentl Dawn Henriques
12 Jan 20212910

A luggage lock is a go-to product for every travel junkie and brings a sense of security with it. But what happens when you find your locks broken just because airport security had to search your bag. This is a common problem that almost everyone faces on at least one of your travels. To avoid the pain of having to buy a new lock, I suggest you get a TSA approved lock. I suggest a TSA approved lock because when you have one on your luggage, you do not have to worry about the security of the contents of your bags.

TravelMore TSA Approved Lock
TravelMore TSA Approved Lock

Airport staff carries a TSA key that is designed to open any TSA approved lock provided the lock you have is an original. It may be hard to come across such locks today since the market is full of cheap knock-offs, but if you click on the link you will be directed to a website that will help you purchase an original TravelMore TSA approved lock.

You can tell a lock is TSA approved if it has a Travel Sentry logo on it, which looks like a red diamond. By using a TSA-approved lock you can avoid your baggage lock being cut off by airport staff if they want to search your bags. Also, another benefit of using this lock is that the TSA has a special key to open the lock if they need to check the contents of your bag, and they lock up right after as well. There are also a few locks where a red dot will pop up if TSA opens the lock to search your bag, alerting you in the process.

Security is so tight on these locks that you will not be able to even reset the lock if you forget the combination, you will simply have to purchase a new lock. Even if you have the TSA key, you will be able to open the lock, but not restore the lock to the original factory settings.

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