? Which is the Best Security Lock for Travel Luggage?

SShreya Chaudhary
29 Mar 20212320

Travelling safely and securely with minimal worries and in a smooth manner, has always been a challenge for me. However, ever since I have found the Travel Lock Approved 3 digit combination by Lumintrail, I have found my much-desired peace of mine.

Lumintrail's Travel Lock Approved 3 digit Combination happens to be a unique lock for luggage, with a 3 digit personalized combination as the locking mechanism. I do admit to being a forgetful person, as I have lost many keys to my luggage bags. The lock has a set combination mechanism, which has mentally and physically freed me from the responsibility of carrying a set of keys for my lock. Another thing that is useful, is the resetting mechanism, which means that even if I forget the password combination, I can still reset a new one, in its place. I do very much love this aspect as it is complementary to my forgetful mind and poor memory.

Along with the lock, there is a 4 ft cable which is provided, which I find is helpful and useful when multiple luggage bags are to be secured and bound together. Not only that, the cable is built in a way that allows for it to last long, as it is made of coated steel, which also means that when tying multiple luggage bags, the cable will not easily break down.

The padlock of this unique lock is approved by the TSA, which is a relief to me, as I find this to be a highly convenient factor when travelling via air especially. While travelling, the lock on my baggage doesn't need to be broken or opened when my baggage is being screened for security due to the TSA stamp. As I am a person who is very concerned about the handling of my baggage during security checks, this TSA stamp is a source of great relief for me. As I also travel frequently, I use different bags for different purposes, this unique lock can be used to lock many bags. I have personally managed to lock a piece of luggage, an old backpack, and even my own personal bag.

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