? Which is the Best Routine Skincare Product for Daily Use?

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AAmmara Aamir
01 Nov 20213310

MILK AND HONEY GOLD SMOOTHING SUGAR SCRUB is prepared with natural ingredients and is applicable for every skin whether oily or dry and it has a refreshing fragrance. It removes the dead derm cells and turns the harsh dermis into a soft baby's one.

Rich Sugar Scrub is prepared mainly with Milk, Honey, and sugar granules. These three products already have many benefits individually. For instance, Milk is considered a moisturizer. It is used to exfoliate skin because of its natural acidity and lactic acid levels. Similarly, Honey prevents acne as well as helps to open your pores, clear dirt and oil. Lastly, sugar helps to make your derm softer, healthier, prevents aging, and keeps it balanced i.e not too oily, not too dry. I like how this leaves my skin soft and supple.

Cleansing my face with this every day feels good. It leaves my face smooth, fragrant, glowing, and graceful. Collectively with Milk, Honey, and Sugar, It allows unclogging pores to remove dust particles that can cause acne if clogged. To prevent my skin from inflammation and pigmentation, I started using Oriflame's milk and honey scrub.

The other ingredients in this product are Aqua, Glycerine, etc. The amazing part of this product is that it is alcohol-free, and is suitable for every weather. In winter, it does not strip my face off of the moisture it needs. In summers, It performs as an oil-free cleanser. I love how I can use it throughout the year.

MILK AND HONEY GOLD SMOOTHING SUGAR SCRUB also has Glycerine which is a moisturizing agent and drags the water from the deeper skin layer to its outer layer. This Scrub is best for fighting bacterias. Along with this, it consists of antioxidants that regulate fine lines, and wrinkles on the face. If one has blemishes and eczema, it heals them speedily and reduces infections, rashes, and irritations. My skin feels way better after using this.

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