? Which is the Best Refrigerator Brand in India?

India8 Answers
PPushkar Jain
23 Jan 20212910

Whirlpool Intellifresh Refrigerators are considered India's only Intelligent Refrigerators. This Refrigerator comes with different capacities, 400L, 460L, and 500L. It is a double-door refrigerator preferred by 70 percent of Indian families. It has a three-star rating and is 100 percent frost-free which is a great relief for families who have faced water leakage issues using a regular refrigerator. The refrigerator comes with an inverter compressor and convertible freezer if in case you need extra storage.

It has a steel onyx body with Platina interiors giving it a stylish and royal look. It provides a big storage capacity and ensures the best customizable space management to avoid any type of uneasiness. It has a feather-touch UI system to control temperature, ice-making process, and energy efficiency making it fit perfectly in a technology intelligent world. It has a scientifically designed airflow system that helps in cooling your water bottles 40 percent faster and maintains uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Big bottle racks are provided for big families who need a constant supply of cool drinking water in the summer season. The company claims to keep your milk and dairy products absolutely fresh for days straight which quite impressive. Separate compartments for fruits and vegetables are available prevention any type of odor to spread. 10/10 rating to its water docking system. The new Microblock feature prevents 99 percent bacterial and other microbes growth.

Although it is a little expensive for middle-class families but surely a great option for big or joint families.

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