? Which is the Best Refrigerator Brand in India?

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RRomit Bhattacharyya
28 Jan 202115760

In a country like India, refrigeration becomes a challenge to preserve food and keep it fresh, simply because of the harsh summer months in most parts of the country. Regulating temperatures of refrigerators get tricky, too, as many cities have high humidity, leading to perspiration on food items. Therefore, one must bring into consideration several elements before purchasing a fridge such as the right size, warranty, after-sales service, and power consumption. People in India are also quite conscious about design patterns and color since the cooling machine often blends with home decor.

Based on my personal experience, I can safely recommend the Bosch Serie 4 KGN46XL40I. This refrigerator is tailor-made for Indian requirements. It is perfectly sized at 415 liters with a stainless steel finish and has a bottom-mounted freezer compartment, which means less bending down to get essential food items/vegetables. There is an efficient air filter that keeps unwanted odors away. You also get an LED touch panel on the refrigerator door to control temperature and other settings. What’s more, it has an in-built alarm system to notify you when the doors are kept open for too long. Power consumption is average. The fridge offers a warranty of one year and is aggressively priced.

I have this fridge for over three years now, it works like a charm. Barring regular company servicing, I have had no issues to report about. If you are looking for an all-rounder, look-wise and performance-wise, suited for Indian conditions, look no further than Bosch.

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