? Which is the Best Product to Get Rid of Pimples and Acne in Adolescents?

DDiksha Kumari
28 Feb 2021225450

MamaEarth's Skin Correct Face Serum with Niacinamide and Ginger extract for acne and scars is a dermatologically tested product free of SLS Parabens and mineral oils. The serum is for people above the age of 15, it is suitable for all skin types.

This skin correcting face serum has 94.1% natural ingredients most of which are either plant-based or water-based. The Ginger extract is known for stimulating melanin activity and antioxidant properties which help in calming and soothing the acne-prone epidermis. Being an Indian I live for natural ingredients like that. I was struggling with acne for a long time, this serum helped in reducing the scarring and soothing the skin, and keeping my face moisturized at the same time.

The key ingredient, Niacinamide is proven to reduce my acne marks as it is an active form of Vitamin B3+ also helps in reducing the pore size, thus preventing further clogging of pores with oil and sebum, preventing acne. Blend of niacinamide, Ginger extract worked like a charm in restoring my skin's elasticity by shrinking large pores, preventing irritation.

Earlier I used to be scared of putting on makeup because every time I used a bit of product, my skin used to break out and it was really difficult managing foundation in my T-zone. With the help of zinc PCA, the sebum production reduced and the glycerine helped in keeping my skin moisturized. Only a week after I started using MamaEarth's skin correcting face serum, I could see the difference, now I can put on makeup without worrying about my epidermal breakouts.

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