? Which is the Best Product to Get Rid of Pimples and Acne in Adolescents?

PPriya S.
25 Mar 20213940

Acne is not just a problem in our adolescent period but can threaten us even in our adulthood. I am an old woman, who suffered from severe acne on my cheeks and forehead until I started using the Advanced Acne Care Kit from Kaya.

Pimples are annoying, disfiguring, and painful. It is disgusting to flaunt with pimples at this age, where you and your teenage daughter have to deal with the same cosmetic issues. But the Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit does wonders on my skin with its advanced four-step solution. The salicylic content in the purifying cleanser helps the skin to get rid of the excess sebum and the mandelic acid in the toner helps to tone and exfoliate the skin. It actually cleared the acne and blemishes on my skin and worked on the clogged pores as well.

This acne kit from Kaya has four products to be used in sequence for better results. I will first start off with the purifying cleanser to cleanse the pores from deep within. This helps in removing the excess dirt, oil, and other pollutants from my skin. I then use the toner to exfoliate the skin and to unclog the skin pores which are generally filled with germs and dirt. Niacinamide composition in the toner helps in clearing off the blemishes in my face.

I then nourish my skin with the nourisher present in the acne care kit. It has Sodium PCA that makes the skin soft. The light and the clear formula in the spot corrector dries up the acne and fades away the acne marks gradually. Zinc sulfate is an active agent in the spot corrector, and it aids in the healing of the broken skin and helps with skin tightening as well.

The product is dermatologically tested to treat acne effectively without causing any allergies. The Kaya Advanced Acne Care Kit is recommended for all skin types, be it normal, dry, oily, or combination types. It works magic for both adolescents and adults and offers satisfactory results with continued use.

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