Which is the Best Power Bank for Travelling Purposes?

Power bank is the best travel gadget to boost your phone's battery power on the move. With its huge power, you can recharge your mobile phone anytime and anywhere when you need it. The protective case makes it shockproof and waterproof for everyday use.

SS. Archana
12 Mar 2021157100

The significance of gadget charging is well understood as we travel for long hours. I chose the Jackery power bar as it helps fill the power shortage while traveling.

The best feature I admired in the Jackery power bar is compatible dimensions 6.5 x 2.55 x 2.55 inches. The measurements were convenient for charging on the go. Hence I pack my power bank without a pause while traveling. The 20800mAh capacity helps charge all gadgets at once. There are also three other USB outputs in the power bank. It is an all-in-one superior power bank that charges Androids, iPhones, tablets, drones, laptops, lights, gaming consoles, digital cameras, and more. The above feature helps me power my mobile and laptop simultaneously.

The superior and high-quality Jackery power bar is compact and flimsy for carrying in planes during travel. Moreover, TSA certification was a permission factor that led my power bank into aircraft. I was free from the usual restrictions of carrying power banks on the flight. The 1.52 pounds lightweight was an ingenious design that permits me to take my power bank for any outdoor activities.

The AC outlet provided in the power bank helps in charging laptops. This feature was helpful to power my laptop while in the cafeteria, library, conference room, etc. The power bank is portable and handy that helped me power up devices during seminars, meetings, and weekend activities.

I found the sleek design comfortable and hassle-free to slip into my backpack whenever I travel. The power bank is designed intelligently with a display feature. This feature shows me the percentage of energy in the power bank while I charge. Such a property helps me limit my powering process if the power bank charge is low. The power bank also has an inbuilt fan that runs with very minimal noise. The fan is an intelligent feature as it averts overheating and cools the device. I often charge my devices while outdoors. In such scenarios, the fan helps to maintain the heat balance of the power bank.

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
08 Mar 20218340

The power bank which charges my devices with the speed of lightning has always been on my wishlist and with my recent purchase of PD Pioneer 20000mAh 60W Portable Power Bank by RAVPower I ticked another checkbox of my wishlist.

It can be used efficiently without the worry of damaging it as it is easy to carry and can be stored in any of my hand-size bags. There are days when I even forget to click the power button on the power bank but the smart features incorporated into it allows me to be rest assured to charge automatically as soon as it senses a device being connected. It comes with an extra USB-C cable which didn't make me wander in search of a cable.

This black coloured, stylish power bank comes with a 20000mAh battery pack which is absolutely everything a good power bank needs to fulfill my busy life requirements. The power bank has an input of 30W which allows the power bank itself to charge completely in 2.5 to 3 hours while I have my afternoon nap. For someone like me who is very clumsy and tends to fall things a lot, this power bank is damage-proof even if I keep falling it.

The PD Pioneer Power Bank also has universal compatibility which means I can charge my pro max, MacBook pro with the same port. It has one PD port and one QC that ensures my devices are charged securely without the worry of damaging my phone. This power bank by RAVPower is fortified with advanced charging guards to protect itself against damage caused by overcurrent and overheating issues which I mainly face with other power banks.

RRomit Bhattacharyya
09 Mar 20213620

A power bank has become an indispensable part of our lives today, something that gives people jitters if they happen to forget it back at home while travelling. The Pebble Volt Plus seamlessly fits into the category of a compact and handy source of battery backup, a very dependable device if fully charged before venturing out.

One of the advantages of this product is its high battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, which means it can last longer on a single charge. I am able to replenish my smartphone's battery (4,200 mAh) to 100 percent at least twice every time I charge the power bank to its full capacity (in about 3 hours). Also, because it has got two charging ports, two devices can be connected and charged together.

Another highlight of the Pebble Volt Plus is its fast-charging capability courtesy of which I am able to get my smartphone fully charged in less than two hours, something that normal power banks would have taken nearly 3.5 hours. This device is extremely slim and lightweight at just 150 grams, which can be easily carried in the pocket, a feature that other bulky power banks in this price point lack in.

The Pebble Volt Plus comes with the universal compatibility feature, which means a variety of electronic devices apart from smartphones like tablets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets and earpods, smartwatches and digital cameras can be charged with this device. Last but not the least, this power bank also comes with circuit protection technology that ensures it is protected against excessive heating and short circuits.

OOdero Onyango
17 Jun 2021810

Zendure power bank SuperTank has a fast-charging capability and a high power capacity. It's an ideal backup when traveling with two or more devices because it can charge them many times a day.

The 27,000mAh capacity charges mobile devices several times over without depleting. Most importantly, it delivers full-speed laptop charging at 100W via the included 100W/5A cable. This product can handle charging two laptops simultaneously at 60W power delivered to each device through the two USB-C ports.

It comes equipped with four charging ports USB-1, USB-2, and two USB Type-C. The four ports quickly charge four devices at the same time. The product has an X-charge mode especially meant for wearable devices. SuperTank is a reliable and ideal traveling companion to any location or country. It is TSA-approved when traveling. The product meets the maximum airline-safe battery capacity for carry-on usage.

Clicking the power button activates the X-charge mode for low-charge devices like fitness bands, smartwatches, and other wearable devices. A vital feature is the superior safety protection thanks to the premium power cells that deliver fast and safe charging. Plus, it has 9-layers of enhanced safety protection. The 100W power delivery charges the phone from 0-100% in 2 hours and has a 15-minute recharge that can power the smartphone all day. Using it for charging just the smartphone means that the power bank can last up to a week.

SuperTank power bank is lightweight and flimsy for easy carrying when traveling. I love the ingenious design because it allows me to carry it comfortably for outdoor activities. It is an ideal traveling companion as it keeps your devices powered when far from electrical charging points. Plus, it has an inbuilt fan that prevents overheating. The fan allows me to charge several devices simultaneously while maintaining heat balance.

NNeelesh Rawat
15 Jun 2021510

With an upswing in the usage of smartphones and tablets, I eagerly needed a superior quality Power Bank integrated with fast charging capabilities to resolve the issue of rapid battery drain. Thereby, while raking through the internet, I stumbled on Aukey Basix Pro Wireless Power Bank.

I honestly admire its Dual Fast-Charging Output, enabling it to charge my OnePlus 8 Pro and iPad simultaneously with two USB Type-C ports (facilitating input and output). The included fast charging technologies, namely Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery 3.0, ensures the maximum output of 18W. To illustrate, it charges my OnePlus 8 Pro (4500mAh) to 50% in around 30 minutes, enough charge to get through my casual day.

This Aukey Basix Pro Wireless Power Bank is a 20,000mAh beast, excellently manufactured with well-balanced weight distribution. It weighs around 12.5oz with a decent grip emanating a lightweight feel. The conspicuous LED display exhibits the remaining battery percentage of Power Bank at a glance. Next to this display, there sits a dedicated orange-red LED indicator that lights up if wireless fast-charging is active. Talking about its efficiency, it readily charges my OnePlus 8 Pro 3.5 times and the iPad Air (2019) nearly 2 times with its enormous 20,000mAh (actual capacity: 14,000-15,000mAh) battery capacity.

Another striking feature is Wireless Charging (5W, 7.5W, and max 10W) for Qi-enabled devices, combined with a convenient foldable kickstand providing hands-free screen viewing. This feature comes in handy while I am out of charge and wants to binge-watch that enthralling TV series or movie without wasting time in charging. This Power Bank requires nearly 7 hours to completely juice up its massive capacity via USB Type-A port (enabled with 18W input). It has already become my permanent traveling companion sporting strong build quality and providing additional 2-4 days of juice (depends on individual usage pattern) while on a trip.

SSanjeev Kumar
20 Mar 20213010

Nothing can beat Coolnut 96000mAh Power Bank being the best power bank for frequent travelers as it has abilities to charge your phones and other gadgets multiple times. The most exciting thing about this product is that you can get the output of both AC and DC Current using this product.

It has two USB ports to charge small gadgets like phones and tablets and comes with AC Inverter. The product is very reliable as it offered me the flexibility to work from anywhere, even when I was out of the station for camping and trekking expeditions. Though it is a bit heavy with a weight of 3 KG, still I'm happy to have it by my side due to its unbeatable capacities.

One more thing that impressed me about this product is that it comes with an integrated LED torchlight and SOS light for emergencies. It will get fully charged within 7-9 hours, and it felt impressive when I consider its large and powerful li-ion battery. With it, I was not just limited to phones or laptops as it's powerful enough to charge or run Drone, DSLR Camera, CCTV, projector, Small Refrigerator, and Inflator.

Its advanced intelligent charging and external LED to monitor the status of charging never ditched me even on many days of traveling. The body of Coolnut 96000mAh Power Bank is made from Polycarbonate, and the texture on its body gives a nice rubbery feel that makes it look quite sturdy. I can charge this power bank using multiple options such as AC to DC adapter, car charger, and even solar panels that proved quite helpful many times.

AAdeel Khokhar
20 Mar 20213410

Asus ZenPower is a well-known power bank with luxurious features including structure, weight, look, charging capacity, and resemblance to any android smartphone. I recommend this power bank to travelers and tourists who travel to distant places where a charging facility is not available, its charging storage remains sufficient for many hours.

The size of this power bank is so small that I can pick up this power bank in my palm, still, my pocket remains light. The grace of this power bank is due to its slim and smart size, It seems like a Credit Card. It comprises a 10050mAh Power-packed battery, to charge many smartphones, internet devices, and many other electronic gadgets making my freelancing very comfortable.

Its outer casing consists of a lightweight aluminum coating that looks very beautiful and glittering. It has a dashing design which always boosts my image in my friends' circles. Its ergonomic and premium style makes its appearance eye-catching. It consists of a protected Vibrant Twist on the upper side, which is prepared from special material, which makes this Power bank durable. Although I use it carelessly in my freelancing work still its surface remains soft like a crystal.

Without any fear of electric shot, the Exclusive ASUS Power Safe Technology saves me from possible short circuits. The USB charging port charges it quickly in an hour. I not only charge my power bank but also perform many other tasks, e.g using the data cable for data transmission. This port makes the charging process easy by enabling the Asus ZenPower to charge also on low voltage.

AAamna Haneef
12 Mar 20212910

Each and every one of us loves to stay connected to the social world on the go, Anker has brought us another impressive device to keep us connected with all our contacts and data. Anker Power Core Speed 10000 is a power bank that brings some of the amazing features and specs to make sure that we are never shut down.

Anker Power Core is an impressive device that is lightweight, with a sleek and compact design. It's made of neat and sturdy plastic that makes it hard to get a scratch or damage if somebody drops it, especially when there are toddlers in the house. It is a simple device with no fussy outlook, just the indicator lights and a power button to turn on/off the power bank. So there's no complexity like other devices when I have to open the guide, read the instructions first, find the ports and power cables to get going. But here you just got one port, get the cable and plug in the smartphone with no confusion of cables or countless ports.

The maker is world-famous Anker who promises to meet daily requirements in a reasonable and budget-friendly way. It has incredible charging speed and it can fast-charge a smartphone twice and comes in handy too for tablets of my toddlers especially when we are outdoors. This is because it has incorporated a fast charging technology of Quick Charge 3.0 port in its power bank which is just amazing because I don't have to face the nightmare of putting my phone on charge for a considerable amount of time especially when I am running late for work. Plus, it is just the right size so I can keep it effortlessly with me either in my pocket, purse, or backpack.

This power bank is an outstanding power bank packed with extraordinary safety features. It is manufactured with short circuit protection and temperature cool feature to keep the device safe in case of high or low voltage and cool down automatically by modifying power output if heated. This is particularly best in providing kids and pets safety too. No matter wherever I am, be it a car ride, or a flight, Anker Power Core Speed 10000 is the best companion.