? Which is the Best Pocket Wallet for Men?

HHaider Rizwan
27 May 20211110

Aurochs is a premium Pakistani leather wallet brand with premium quality of leather, aesthetics, design, and craftsmanship. Among all their products, Orbit Travel Wallet is the top of the line product of Aurochs for men so as the name indicates it is your perfect travel companion too.

There are hundreds of brands and options in the wallet market worldwide, but Aurochs Orbit Travel Wallet is the only one I have seen with the passport pocket. The looks, color, and design are very eye-catching and unique in their own way. Other than passport pocket, other specifications of this wallet that really benefitted me include a slot to keep sim ejector pin, a slot to store sim, a slot for either 'key or coins', full-grain leather which made the wallet very durable, capacity to host 6-8 cards as per need, capacity for 14-16 bills.

I bought it a long time ago after seeing the number of slots it has and of course for its brown color and I have been very satisfied with it. Not only it was noticed various times by people around me but also even after a few years of intense and rough use, the condition is still nearly excellent and new. It also has an RFID shield hence protecting your cards from RFID attacks. It has another very interesting quality: even if you fill this wallet to its full capacity, it still appears very sleek.

This has all the requirements for a wallet to have. If you are a traveller and are concerned about filling all your pockets with essentials like a passport, hotel room keys, air ticket, and bills, etc., this is the wallet that will save you from that all that hustle.

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