? Which is the Best Performing Phone for Various Lighting Situations?

10 Jun 20213010

Photography comes with various thrilling challenges, among which one is: taking the best quality shots in various lighting situations. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, built-in 4 integrated cameras is the phone that helped me conquer this challenge.

The cameras include: the main sensor which is 108MP takes 12MP shots along with the 12MP, 120-degree ultra-wide camera, the 10MP telephotos, and the key i.e., focus sensor. I learned that the 108MP sensor delivers images with clarity and high color accuracy. And this team of cameras delivers the best contrast to images at 1x and also sharpens the edges of the frame while the focus sensor performs great at keeping different objects of a setup in focus.

Another challenge I face as a photographer is: taking the best quality shots at night when every shot turns out to be dimmer and muddier. But the night shots I capture with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G always turn out to be jaw-dropping! No more dimness and no more muddiness! With the night mode on, the cameras work together to light up the night and capture it in vivid colors. In addition to this, the night mode takes a few moments to click the shot in order to capture more light.

Besides this, the cameras are designed exclusively to modify the brightness accordingly as I photograph something in extreme brightness or dimness. I also noticed that this phone has a neutral rendering for low light sources which results in delivering a pleasant color to the image. Furthermore, the white balance and color rendering tends to be very accurate in low light plus the quartet of cameras also works great in preserving the texture and reducing noise.

To sum up, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is an outstanding phone packed with some extremely impressive and smart features. And, I'm obsessed with its sleekness and its extraordinary team of cameras. This quartet of cameras plus the focus sensor is capable of delivering good target exposure in all lighting situations, from bright sunshine to low moonlight. Therefore, I always expect the best shots while doing photography with this phone!

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