? Which is the Best Organic Moisturizer for Sensitive Baby Skin?

SShreya Chaudhary
07 Apr 20214221

Modern markets, especially in the cosmetics and personal hygiene section of any general store/branded shops are flooded with some truly amazing skincare products, making it quite difficult for buyers to pick one, as they are spoiled for choice. When I was initially searching for an appropriate Organic Moisturizer for my newly born baby daughter's skin, I felt truly confused and lost, however, I finally decided to try the Mango, Argan & Shea Baby Butter cream by Juicy Chemistry.

A baby's skin is highly sensitive, very delicate, and prone to being damaged easily due to the presence of toxins in the environment. The cream consists of super nourishing butter along with plant-based oils, which, when combined, are highly effective in nourishing the delicate skin of my baby as well as keeping it soft, supple, and moisturized. It is a dermatologically tried and tested product, which is 100 percent safe to use for children as well as adults.

This product also is wonderful in many other ways. It is a non-irritant, which ensures that the skin does not develop any rashes, burns, or cuts, and it causes no allergies as well, making it a very smooth product to apply on a baby's skin. It contains ingredients that are 100 percent natural, sourced ethically, and are preservative-free, which increases the trust factor in the brand, especially for first-time customers like me.

This product by Juicy Chemistry has a natural aroma that is derived from the essence of the natural ingredients used, making the scent light and fresh. Argan oil present in the cream is super rich in antioxidants which prevent damage to the skin caused by free radicals. This moisturizer arrives in an attractive, small glass jar, in a biodegradable and sustainable package.

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The pleasant odor of this cream soothes babies to sleep. It never creates rashes or it never causes itching or irritation to a baby. Finally, it never makes a baby feel hot in countries that are predominantly hot.

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