? Which is the Best Online Tool for Website Analysis and Statistics?

AAnkita Roy
08 Feb 20215320

FoxMetrics is a revolutionary tool that allows you to customize in full detail, all your dashboards personally according to your business preference. This is very helpful where you want to focus on a particular part of the data instead of the whole big picture.


It has been quite over 1 year now that I am using FoxMetrics and it has really helped my website improve it's UI and UX as well as the visitor count. The tool has mostly 4 parts to discuss which are funnels, profile, segments, and triggers.

  • Funnels - It helps you to identify where your website visitors are dropping their action. It can be the final page of an e-commerce website or some intermediate page due to which some of your visitors are facing challenges while placing their order. You can study the pattern and improve your website accordingly.
  • Profiles - It automatically builds a user profile for you of every visitor and keeps track of them. It then analyses and you can keep track of who visited your website and how often they visited your website and introduce loyalty rewards for visitors to reward them
  • Segments - This feature helps you to segregate your website traffic into various sub-section depending upon the source and also how the users are interacting with your website. and from there they can access it.
  • Triggers - This is another important feature that allows you to set up a trigger point in your website for pop-ups. It also highlights other places where there is a high click rate.

These features make FoxMetrics stand out amongst the rest. After using it yourself, you will feel the difference between this tool with others available.

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