? Which is the Best Online Tool for Website Analysis and Statistics?

BBenson Omondi Awino
02 Jun 2021810

When you create a website, keeping track of the analytics history and current stats becomes vital. Clicky is one such tool that provides detailed segmented reports, fully asynchronous tracking, uptime monitoring, and automatic history support for your website.

Credits : CLICKY

This tool provides the information and a live view of every user or visitor on your site at the moment using the spy feature. I was able to view the analysis since they got integrated into my website using the onsite analytic feature. It provides a free alert if your site goes offline and tracks clicks on links from third-party websites while tracking the traffic on affiliate sites.

For accurate analysis, I could filter off some traffic from some countries and unknown affiliate sites. They also provide a heatmap for the user to see where their visitors have clicked, helping them understand what people are looking for when they visit their website. With the assistance of the Twitter analytics feature, I was able to track conversations about my websites and generally my followers and trending topics.

Keeping track of the user behaviour on the website is one thing, Clicky, lets its users keep track of the audience that has disabled JavaScript, outbound links, and the downloads. The amount of stats you get as a website owner is immense. I could work on the shortcomings of my website as I could keep track of the bounce rate on my website while utilizing the heatmap feature with it.

Clicky has an official WordPress plugin to make it easier for its users to integrate their blog. It also assists its users to view their website traffic from their site and different locations while they can be in any part of the world hustle free. Another feature that caught my eye was its IP anonymizer option for countries with strict privacy rules like Germany.

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