Which is the Best Online Tool for Website Analysis and Statistics?

Website analysis and statistics online tools provide an analysis of your website speed, rank on Google and Alexa, social media statistics, visitors' location, and much more. The online tool will help you to optimize the structure of your website.

SSanjeev Kumar
28 Feb 202112470

After searching for a good SEO tool for my website's analysis for months I finally got the one on which I can put my trust. Screaming Frog SEO Spider has changed the way I used to check my website and is helping me with a deep analysis of links, content, and site architecture in a way that I never experienced earlier.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The first thing which I like the most about this tool is how it identified the broken links of my website and the server errors which have been concerning me for a long time. It enabled me to export the bulk reports of these URLs so that I can send them all to my developer in one go. It also helped me with the meta tags of my website so that I never use the titles and descriptions which are not good for my website SEO.

Duplicate content was one of the major concerns for me to cut the competitions on SERPs but since I started using this tool I am pretty relaxed about this concern as it helps me to identify all duplicate content on my website to maintain relevance. It seems to be very effective for finding the duplicate pages on my website so that I can take appropriate measures to stop them from hampering the SEO performance of my website.

I can easily review the Robots and redirections on my website so that any page which is relevant for my visitors should not have any errors. This tool can be integrated with other popular tools such as Google Analytics and search console to provide me a better insight into my website's performance. Screaming Frog SEO Spider offers me an outstanding visualization of the reports for internal linking and URL Structure so that I can identify the drawbacks in my Site Architecture easily without even having any proficient or hardcore skills for it.

AArnab Mondal
03 Feb 202118870

I have been personally using Adobe Analytics for my blogging website for over a year now and I can say with full confidence that it has been one of the best decisions of my website. Adobe boasts of a more than 200% return not their Return on investment.

Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Credits : ADOBE

Well I might not be able to fully confirm that but I can confirm that after using Adobe Analytics, I had a much better understanding of my audience, traffic and my blog website did grow fast to almost double of the number of daily visitors I was getting previously.

So that's why I would like to recommend this tool for website analytics. It allows you to visualize your real-time and cross-platform traffic from all in one place. This helps you to better understand your audience and accordingly, you can make better decisions based on the context behind every customer action.

You will be processing real-time data and can use Data science tools to get more insights and plan your next action accordingly. You can build your own custom analysis with the various range of metrics available which will show you the desired traffic data or website data you are interested in. You can even build flow analysis charts to better understand your user actions across various channels and find where you are lacking and can improve for better results.

One more additional feature is that all charts and analysis that you will create will get updated in real-time and hence you can efficiently and effectively keep track of your website and enhance it to make it even better.

SS. Archana
24 May 20211460

A digital marketing analytics tool is obligatory for developing a more detailed and quick web analysis report. To portray a comparative investigation report and to track present status of the website Ahrefs SEO toolset is an ideal choice.

Ahrefs SEO Tools
Ahrefs SEO Tools
Credits : AHREFS

The site audit feature helps me gain actual data about a website. The site audit invades all website pages, offers visual key data, entire SEO health score, highlights the SEO issues, and gives suggestions about fixing them. I found the site audit beneficial because it represents colored charts for easy data analysis. The site explorer was another appreciative trait in the tool. This feature assists in gaining an in-depth view of the site's backlink profile and organic search traffic. I found site explorer valuable for its three SEO tools, backlink checker, organic traffic research, and paid traffic research, in a single interface, so it helps me retrieve improved results.

The Rank tracker property stands out of the rest while comparing it to other tools in the market. This feature helps in monitoring performance of the site for particular keywords in search engines. The above property in Ahrefs SEO toolset benefits me by assisting in expansion of the existing range or discovery of new keywords. The dashboard display in this toolset provides a graphical overview of the most mandatory metrics and monitors. As a result, I was comfortable viewing the site explorers' main parameters about traffic, authority, backlinks, etc.

The ease of use in this toolset catches interest of plenty of people in the digital industry. In addition, actions in the tool work straightforward and instantly. I adore explaining aspect of every feature on the screen with supportive suggestions. Above all, the complete SEO tool offers rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, and site crawl. Ahrefs SEO toolset a consistent one as it estimates webpage traffic and all associated metrics.

AAnkita Roy
08 Feb 20215320

FoxMetrics is a revolutionary tool that allows you to customize in full detail, all your dashboards personally according to your business preference. This is very helpful where you want to focus on a particular part of the data instead of the whole big picture.


It has been quite over 1 year now that I am using FoxMetrics and it has really helped my website improve it's UI and UX as well as the visitor count. The tool has mostly 4 parts to discuss which are funnels, profile, segments, and triggers.

  • Funnels - It helps you to identify where your website visitors are dropping their action. It can be the final page of an e-commerce website or some intermediate page due to which some of your visitors are facing challenges while placing their order. You can study the pattern and improve your website accordingly.
  • Profiles - It automatically builds a user profile for you of every visitor and keeps track of them. It then analyses and you can keep track of who visited your website and how often they visited your website and introduce loyalty rewards for visitors to reward them
  • Segments - This feature helps you to segregate your website traffic into various sub-section depending upon the source and also how the users are interacting with your website. and from there they can access it.
  • Triggers - This is another important feature that allows you to set up a trigger point in your website for pop-ups. It also highlights other places where there is a high click rate.

These features make FoxMetrics stand out amongst the rest. After using it yourself, you will feel the difference between this tool with others available.

BBenson Omondi Awino
02 Jun 20211010

When you create a website, keeping track of the analytics history and current stats becomes vital. Clicky is one such tool that provides detailed segmented reports, fully asynchronous tracking, uptime monitoring, and automatic history support for your website.

Credits : CLICKY

This tool provides the information and a live view of every user or visitor on your site at the moment using the spy feature. I was able to view the analysis since they got integrated into my website using the onsite analytic feature. It provides a free alert if your site goes offline and tracks clicks on links from third-party websites while tracking the traffic on affiliate sites.

For accurate analysis, I could filter off some traffic from some countries and unknown affiliate sites. They also provide a heatmap for the user to see where their visitors have clicked, helping them understand what people are looking for when they visit their website. With the assistance of the Twitter analytics feature, I was able to track conversations about my websites and generally my followers and trending topics.

Keeping track of the user behaviour on the website is one thing, Clicky, lets its users keep track of the audience that has disabled JavaScript, outbound links, and the downloads. The amount of stats you get as a website owner is immense. I could work on the shortcomings of my website as I could keep track of the bounce rate on my website while utilizing the heatmap feature with it.

Clicky has an official WordPress plugin to make it easier for its users to integrate their blog. It also assists its users to view their website traffic from their site and different locations while they can be in any part of the world hustle free. Another feature that caught my eye was its IP anonymizer option for countries with strict privacy rules like Germany.

TTushant Bhanot
18 Jan 20215110

If we talk about the best analytics tool for website analysis then Google Analytics is the no.1 priority for all marketers and working professionals.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Credits : GOOGLE

Google Analytics is the top priority choice because it's totally free. It easily helps to show how many visitors are sharing your content and click your ads. It also provides you with a proper analytics report on your website. With Google Analytics you can easily find how many people make purchases of your products and how many just view and abandon your product. Information provided by this amazing software helps everyone to adjust their marketing strategies for better experiences for their customers.

This tool also provides proper keyword reports to target consumers more efficiently. It also helps to track proper campaigns for driving traffic on your website. it provides the feature to set up custom alerts for your insights and matrices. When you use Google Analytics Tracking Code in your HTML website it also helps to make better and targeted goals for you. It also monitors the traffic of your website to see from which location your website gets the traffic.

As we all know, analytics tools are only a way to get success in the marketing world. That's why Google Analytics is the most recommended choice for every marketer. In this modern era, everyone shifts their interest to Google's amazing tools for fast and better results for their startups.

PPushkar Jain
17 Jan 20217510

When talking about the best online tool for website analysis and statistics, my vote is with Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest was originally a keyword research tool and mostly preferred for website SEO. But now it provides website analysis service too. The details are so accurate and the best part is that it even comes up with perfect solutions in case something is really wrong with your website.

Credits : NEIL PATEL

I am personally using it for my blogging website, it monitors my website all the time and often comes with mind-blowing suggestions that help me improve my website performance and SEO rankings. Not only analysis, but it gives a lot more than this. One of the features which you will like is that it also gives basic information about your competitor's website. This will help you know what is already working in your niche. Thus making it time-saving and very much fruitful for you and your website.

The tool can be trusted with closed eyes because it comes from best-of-best Neil Patel who is an entrepreneur and does have great knowledge and experience about SEO and the digital world. Ubersuggest is the all-in-one solution for your website. Where other tools are pricey and cost much more, Ubersuggest is cheaper and the basic plan. If you own a single website, a basic plan can also serve the best purpose for you. You can also use some basic features like tracking your competitor's website for free. Although going for the paid plan will be worth the investment.