? Which is the Best Mobile Action Game to Enhance Beginner Gaming Skills?

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DDiksha Kumari
04 Mar 2021133130

Innersloth's Among Us is a free online multiplayer game for mobile phone users, It was made available on both ios and android devices but was not as known to people, it popularised because of Twitch streamers.

Among Us by Innersloth
Among Us by Innersloth

It's a co-op game of alliance and deception which is filled with thrill and paranoia as 4-10 people board a spaceship with an imposter who sabotages and kills the crewmates. This recreational activity comes with both online and local modes where 4-10 players can play at a time while interacting during meetings or in the lobby. It is experienced best while being connected on Discord on a voice chat. For me, this interactive feature made staying at home tolerable where I could play while laughing around with my friends.

When the visual settings of the game are changed it can be played in various ways in all three maps that are available, whether the circle wants to play it as it is Among us, or they'd like to play it as a hide and seek match, or by changing the names and colors they can watch the chaos unravel as everyone is clueless about each other's identities. The creative ways in which this game can be played is like watching a flower bloom, which is not only exquisite but also exciting for anyone who decides to play the game.

This amusing game comes with a small pictorial guide and Freeplay in which you can figure out how tasks are done as a crewmate, how you can do your part as an imposter. Some prefer to directly watch some youtube videos and go at it once, but for people like me, understanding how a game works by trying it myself is much more fun. Once, I ran all the tasks at once in Freeplay and it was quite amusing for me to watch the taskbar fill up my screen and speedrun all of them at once.

Above all, you enjoy Among us whether you are an imposter or a crewmate. Some like to play sherlock holmes as a crew in figuring out who the imposter is whereas some enjoy being an imposter to deceive everyone just to watch the fun animations when they kill a crewmate while marinating some by faking tasks accurately and using their words. Honestly, both of these situations could turn out to be hilarious at any given point. I have experienced both these situations with my friends, there has never been a dull moment in this game. Mostly, it becomes much more fun because you do not always have to be a hero in this, here you can be an imposter and still win. This is one of the few games that offer this to its player, especially in the horror-action genre. That random selection and surprise of being an imposter is a delight in itself for me.

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