Which is the Best Mobile Action Game to Enhance Beginner Gaming Skills?

The objective of the mobile action game is to serve and smash the shuttlecock with as much enhanced skill and speed as possible. Improve your skills at the beginner level by beating the toughest levels!
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DDiksha Kumari
04 Mar 2021137130

Innersloth's Among Us is a free online multiplayer game for mobile phone users, It was made available on both ios and android devices but was not as known to people, it popularised because of Twitch streamers.

Among Us by Innersloth
Among Us by Innersloth

It's a co-op game of alliance and deception which is filled with thrill and paranoia as 4-10 people board a spaceship with an imposter who sabotages and kills the crewmates. This recreational activity comes with both online and local modes where 4-10 players can play at a time while interacting during meetings or in the lobby. It is experienced best while being connected on Discord on a voice chat. For me, this interactive feature made staying at home tolerable where I could play while laughing around with my friends.

When the visual settings of the game are changed it can be played in various ways in all three maps that are available, whether the circle wants to play it as it is Among us, or they'd like to play it as a hide and seek match, or by changing the names and colors they can watch the chaos unravel as everyone is clueless about each other's identities. The creative ways in which this game can be played is like watching a flower bloom, which is not only exquisite but also exciting for anyone who decides to play the game.

This amusing game comes with a small pictorial guide and Freeplay in which you can figure out how tasks are done as a crewmate, how you can do your part as an imposter. Some prefer to directly watch some youtube videos and go at it once, but for people like me, understanding how a game works by trying it myself is much more fun. Once, I ran all the tasks at once in Freeplay and it was quite amusing for me to watch the taskbar fill up my screen and speedrun all of them at once.

Above all, you enjoy Among us whether you are an imposter or a crewmate. Some like to play sherlock holmes as a crew in figuring out who the imposter is whereas some enjoy being an imposter to deceive everyone just to watch the fun animations when they kill a crewmate while marinating some by faking tasks accurately and using their words. Honestly, both of these situations could turn out to be hilarious at any given point. I have experienced both these situations with my friends, there has never been a dull moment in this game. Mostly, it becomes much more fun because you do not always have to be a hero in this, here you can be an imposter and still win. This is one of the few games that offer this to its player, especially in the horror-action genre. That random selection and surprise of being an imposter is a delight in itself for me.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
22 Jan 2021184120

With the continuous rage of high-end mobile games, more people who never thought about playing any online game are thinking to start experiencing the thrill of online gaming.

Fortnite by Epic Games
Fortnite by Epic Games
Credits : EPIC GAMES

But, to start with other high-end games can be hard for beginners as players will require minimum gaming skill to survive in the game.

So, if you are a beginner and looking for an online mobile action game then I will recommend you to try Fortnite. This game is beginner-friendly and it continues to evolve with the time that assures you to enhance your existing gaming skills.

Even to play this game or survive longer in this action game you will require minimum strength but trust me it is better to start with a low tricky game and then upgrade to a tougher game, where you can instantly show off your winning abilities.

While playing this game you must try to get the upper hand in any fight because only that will help you to achieve more gaming skills. But, this is not as easy as you think because it requires sharp moves and continuous attacking, and safe defending.

If not possible, you can at least try to be above your opponent by building ramps up to the sky or by jumping repeatedly. This formula will help you to acquire beneficial gaming skills for future use.

Why Should You Select Fortnite?

I recommend you to go for Fortnite as a beginner to online mobile gaming because of the following reasons

  • Best free-of-cost game to begin your action gaming journey as it offers four game modes for every kind of player to choose according to their level of skills and speed.
  • Fortnite community includes millions of players around the world, which means you can play with any players across different platforms.

With this, I hope you got your answer to select the best online action game that will enhance your gaming skills and assure you to develop excitement towards the online games.

AArnab Mondal
03 Feb 20216170

Garena Free Fire is an online multiplayer game where the concept to win is that you have to be last man standing among 50-51 other players. You will be on an airplane circling the island, and you can strategically choose the spot on your island which you want to land upon.

Garena Free Fire Game
Garena Free Fire Game
Credits : GARENA

It is a perfect game for beginners due to the fast-paced game style of rounds of not more than 10 minutes, and there is a concept of the zone, outside which players slowly lose health and die and hence people are forced to engage with each other as the circle shrinks.

I am new to gaming world, and hence after going through multiple reviews, I chose this simple and fast-paced action game to begin with. At low levels, you will be dealing with bots and hence you will have ample time to grasp the basics and practice your shooting skills. As you play more and progress high up in the levels, you will be facing more human players and the game will get tougher for you.

Another aspect of this game is its character models and their passive skills, which you can unlock and play with. Some provide faster sprint speeds, whereas some others provide a faster reload speed than others. These skills do not affect your gameplay much, but as you get a good hold over the game, you can use them to your advantage. One more thing to add is the fast travel methods by land, water, and amphibious vehicles.

Overall Garena Free Fire game is the perfect one for beginners and here are some key highlights from it.

  • 50 Player Matches
  • 10-minute approx rounds
  • Multiple Vehicles to have fun with
  • Customization of character
  • 10+ unlockable characters with a passive skill
  • Solo, Duo, or squad modes.

SS. Archana
26 Apr 20217250

When it comes to action games, gamers of this era look for characters, graphics, brilliant sound quality, and new challenges. Being a game lover, I chose Mortal Kombat Ultimate for a breathtaking gaming experience.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

The Mortal Kombat Ultimate is compatible with Xbox and PS4, and PS5. The graphics and Enhanced visuals with 4K resolution are exalted. It was thrilling for me to fight as a magnificent fighter, and I enjoyed eccentric gameplay. The 37 characters in the ultimate game beefed up the version of the new game. Such characters supported me to navigate the gameplay perfectly and march forward like a warrior. The best feature I admired about the characters in the gameplay is that I could customize the characters with unparalleled abilities, gear, and several skins.

Creating own teams with fighters for a new battle is a motivating part of the battle. Such teams experience powerful artifacts and new special attacks during the gameplay. I was able to team up with warriors of my choice with exclusive synergies to fight against my enemies in the game. The game has a series of matches and the best game for gamers looking for fighting. I was thrilled with every game with a new series of challenges that come up and test my fighting skills.

The multiplayer faction war was yet another exceptional feature to partner with other players. The online competitive mode was supportive of associating with other talented players across the globe. I engaged with other new players and ranked higher in the faction leader score and grabbed weekly prizes. The Fatalities in the game were astonishing to play with mobile with stunning graphics along with ultimate action moves. I opened up my natural fighting talent and experienced visceral fighting action by playing the mortal Kombat Ultimate collection game.

BBenson Omondi Awino
15 Jun 20211910

Altos Adventure is a snowboarding odyssey, it is about a character running from a guy while snowboarding. It is produced by Toronto’s Snowman studios, whose founders' main aim was to return the old school gaming feel, where games were just simply fun.

Altos Adventure
Altos Adventure

Snowboarding and running away from this angry mountain elder riding on an Ilama was a lot of adrenaline for me. For a beginner, it was like a combined experience of subway skating, tempo run, and what I call motor rush, there were a lot of lessons to learn.

I was simply tapping the screen to jump to avoid the obstacles and to take up some air, keeping in mind there is a shepherd on an Ilama coming after me. I can just describe the visuals on this game as stunning. They can best be explained in words as soothing, laid back an eye captivating, the atmosphere and background of this game are exotic.

There is a nice gold mountain view as the sun rises and night runs with campfires in the huts along the dark forest were exotic. Sound effects like piano notes, noises, and natural effects grow in intensity as the player moves through the stages making the experiences less fictional. Natural effects are more personalized and engaging. Thunderous cloudy rainy nights and cozy bright mornings were so real.

These characteristics bring a more calm demeanor, although there is a guy on Ilama chasing, and there are sharp corned snow stones, I was harmoniously strolling on a board in this serene snowy environment. Play sessions are randomized with day and night cycles that bring a story theme. This game keeps off exaggerated features that make players overwhelmed when making choices. This made my rides enjoyable and challengingly easy.

Its audio brought some form of urgency, making it more captivating. I was able to pull off some tricks by holding down the screen and move swiftly through the wire in between the poles. My main aim was to collect coins, magnets, and power-ups on the circuitous path, these rewards boosted experiences as the Alto, and I was also able to unlock other features and characters.

For a beginner it keeps things simple, you can only perform a backflip and some common grind moves. If the player feels like quitting I assure anyone the visual arts in Alto's adventure won't let the person, it is a nice one.

AAbubakr Shahnawaz Kamil
13 Jan 20213910

Talking about online action games, especially the huge array available in Google's Play Store, there are so many titles that someone new might have difficulty choosing from.

Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile

The game for beginners, looking for online action games is Activision's “Call of Duty: Mobile”.

Unlike other games in the genre, the Call of Duty series is a household name and provides the best immersion and gentle learning curve for beginners. The initial sections will have you practice your movement and shooting skills, with properly detailed tutorials on the perk and weapon attachment system.

Different match types allow you to practice and enhance your skills based on certain niches, and you can taper your gaming immersion as you level up in the game's dynamic ranking and leveling system. The game runs super smooth and amazing for a mobile-based first-person shooter.

Each match will team you up with players of your same skill set and level, making the early game system ideal for beginners. You'll start your matches with players of the very same skill set and with the in-game friend system, you can add new players you meet along the way and play with them together!

To top it all off, the game is free to play! The gameplay mechanics avoid the scenario of "pay to win", which is a recurring issue with most free to play titles. However, the in-game reward system is uniquely designed that prevents such a situation from happening, by rewarding players with perks, weapons, and attachment-based on their gameplay achievements, kill/death ratios, and win rates.

I highly recommend this game for any newbie looking to immerse themselves in the online action mobile gaming genre.

KKirsten Roy Fernandez
14 Jan 20213700

I recommend PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile for starters, this is an action game available in IOS and ANDROID for FREE, with in-app purchases, this game is a slow-paced Battle Royale which means you and your friends versus other players around the Globe.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Credits : TENCENT

So, what's unique about PUBG? Well, all you're going to do is land in a zone alongside 99 other players in an abandoned area, collect weapons that're on the ground, kill enemies and be the last man standing. You can also play along with your friends in Duos mode, or you can form a Four-man squad. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, the objectives of this game are clear, but if you think collecting weapons and shooting opponents is a simple task, wait until someone uses a sniper and shoots you from a location you can't even see, but PUBG Mobile's Excellent visuals. The sheer variety of weapons and add-ons, vehicles, and the open-world surrounding the ‘live or die’ setting makes it a thrilling experience unlike any other.

Every single Battle Royale match is a delight in itself, and with the addition of content such as new maps, new weapons, game modes, and character customization options, there is always something new to discover and to keep the quest for the ‘Chicken Dinner’ alive. And if you don't have time to spend playing a full classic match of PUBG that can last over 30 minutes, there's an Arcade Mode as well, with quick matches, and special variations to the game that makes it a lot more exciting even for quick breaks between your work sessions.

Along with that, there is also a battle pass called The PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, which adds cosmetic upgrades to your character and rewards to make the game even more interesting. There's also a free pass that everyone can get access to, with limited weekly missions and rewards, and you can also get the elite Royale Pass to unlock additional missions, more rewards, and even just for bragging rights.

Games like PUBG Mobile have changed the way people think of Mobile Gaming. It is definitely one of the best action games available out there, and you should definitely check it out now.