? Which is the Best Microwave Oven for Cooking Delicious Food Items Instantly?

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SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
18 May 20213110

Many fields got developed with the evolution and advancements in Science and Technology, and thus it made cooking comparatively easier with the introduction of many devices like induction ovens, or stoves, barbecue grills, microwave ovens, and what not…! Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven is one such device with all those advancements, and from the day I bought this for my kitchen, I fell in love with this oven.

A feature that I loved the most is, it has a child lock feature, which automatically means that this is going to provide children safety, as we have a child at home this was pretty useful all the time. There are hardly any other microwave ovens where you can find this feature. This oven also made it easy for me to do combination cooking, which is really satisfying.

This Morphy Richards MWO Oven also has a defrost function installed in it, and this is what I was exactly searching for…! At my home, we are always in need of storing food inside the fridge and this feature made it easy and reduced a lot of work. The other thing to consider is when I got this microwave oven it came with a baking plate and wiring rack, which helped a lot in baking and grilling.

The microwave has a pretty large capacity of 25 liters, which is comparatively better than other ovens out there. For a large family needs like mine, this feature made it look easy to grill or bake in a single go and saved a lot of time. And a wide range of auto cook options was remarkable because a part-time cook like me can try different types of delicious dishes.

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