? Which is the Best Microwave Oven for Cooking Delicious Food Items Instantly?

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SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
09 Apr 20217120

There was a time when I used to make food and instead of going into people's stomachs it went straight to dustbins. Well, that's the dreadful past but now due to the LG all-in-one Convection Microwave Oven, my friends and family would crawl for the food I prepared.

This 28 Litre microwave comes with a 360 degrees motorized rotisserie allowing me to cook dishes that I would generally have to purchase from restaurants. The best part about it is anyone can make GHEE (clarified butter) in just a few minutes and not stand hours in the kitchen stirring the bowl continuously with no guaranteed results. This stainless steel microwave also has the option of an “Indian roti basket” allowing me to cook a variety of tasty Rotis without creating a mess.

The LG microwave comes with various options to choose from which are quite clear and direct and nothing unnecessary making it easy to use even for kids. It has a charcoal lighting heater which many other brands don't generally have, allowing you more salutary food with the nutrients not being completely dead.

It also helps in pasteurizing milk in just a few minutes, meaning now you don't have to follow the hassles which are required to follow for even a few ml of milk. The microwave also requires very little electricity, so now I have one less zero, unlike the time when I used electric stoves for the same purpose. It comes along with a recipe book which came out to be very handy for a newbie like me.

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