Which is the Best Microwave Oven for Cooking Delicious Food Items Instantly?

Microwave ovens are great for reheating leftovers, preparing snacks, defrosting frozen foods, melting butter or chocolate, and warming plates. It’s a one-stop solution for all your cooking needs and the best addition to your home appliances.
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SS. Archana
02 Apr 2021170121

For individuals wanting to try various recipes without wasting time and to delight their dear ones should opt for Samsung 23L solo microwave oven. The brilliant features make the microwave a predominant one amongst customers.

The Samsung 23L solo microwave oven measures a depth of 37.4cm, a width of 48.9cm, and a height of 27.5cm. The above size ratio was appropriate to place the microwave on my countertop without hindrance. It was compact and comfortable to place anywhere in my kitchen. The admirable feature about the microwave is the preprogrammed local recipes. With this feature, I was able to prepare delicious authentic meals for my family every day.

The Samsung 23L solo microwave oven is designed with durable ceramic inside. This feature supported me in better cleaning without scrubbing, I must also mention that it's scratch-resistant. I adore the intelligent keep warm function as it maintains perfect temperature with a grill heater. In this way, I found the food tasty and warm without overcooking.

There are few food categories such as meat, fish, bread, poultry, and vegetables that take more time to defrost if they are frozen. Thanks to the innovative quick defrost in the appliance. This feature employs an automatic defrost algorithm for even and rapid defrost. Hence I need not have to wait for hours for my raw food items to defrost. They defrost quickly and assist me in less time for cooking.

The ECO mode is an added advantage for microwave buyers. The Eco mode helps to stay in low standby mode and results in less energy consumption. When I don't cook, the microwave's power is less, helping me save electric bills. The deodorization setting is another incredible and essential feature found in the microwave. The unique role of this feature is eliminating the air present in the interior cavity. Hence all steam, smoke, and cooking odors are eliminated. I serve delicious, tasty, and fresh food as all other lingering smells fly away.

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This microwave cooked and roasted chicken at a smaller time. I would say, the solid structure and special features are the actual USP of this product.

AAtanu Ray
23 Apr 20214520

Microwave Oven has undergone lots of up-gradation these days to suit different needs of modern life. My experience with Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven (NN-SM 255WFDG) is more than satisfactory because it improved my quality of life.

It's 255mm glass compact turntable allows a large quantity of food in one go, so I can warm my food quickly without hassle. Made off superior quality metal which is epoxy coated, despite regular use it still feels as sturdy as a new one. The mechanical control timer can be set from one minute to thirty-five minutes, so now I have to just set the timer as per requirement and do other things.

This product has five power levels allowing me to adjust it as per requirement and lower consumption of electricity. Defrosting vegetables, meat or fish is now an easy affair. Power can be set at a maximum of 800 watts that reduces cooking time, so I can prepare meals quickly in a shorter time. Most days I left with last night's leftover foods, this Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven NN- SM 255WFDG helps us to reheat the eatables with amazing auto-programmed time and mode setting. For warming meals, the timer can be set for even single-minute intervals, providing a lot of flexibility in my cooking.

Superior Japanese technology keeps food flavor and nutrition intact for a long time. Now there is no loss of nutrients, which helps me to maintain my vitality and immunity. The internal part is built to keep bacteria and fungus away, now I suffer less from indigestion and stomach problems.

SSyeda Hafsa Fatima
09 Apr 20217020

There was a time when I used to make food and instead of going into people's stomachs it went straight to dustbins. Well, that's the dreadful past but now due to the LG all-in-one Convection Microwave Oven, my friends and family would crawl for the food I prepared.

This 28 Litre microwave comes with a 360 degrees motorized rotisserie allowing me to cook dishes that I would generally have to purchase from restaurants. The best part about it is anyone can make GHEE (clarified butter) in just a few minutes and not stand hours in the kitchen stirring the bowl continuously with no guaranteed results. This stainless steel microwave also has the option of an “Indian roti basket” allowing me to cook a variety of tasty Rotis without creating a mess.

The LG microwave comes with various options to choose from which are quite clear and direct and nothing unnecessary making it easy to use even for kids. It has a charcoal lighting heater which many other brands don't generally have, allowing you more salutary food with the nutrients not being completely dead.

It also helps in pasteurizing milk in just a few minutes, meaning now you don't have to follow the hassles which are required to follow for even a few ml of milk. The microwave also requires very little electricity, so now I have one less zero, unlike the time when I used electric stoves for the same purpose. It comes along with a recipe book which came out to be very handy for a newbie like me.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
18 May 20213110

Many fields got developed with the evolution and advancements in Science and Technology, and thus it made cooking comparatively easier with the introduction of many devices like induction ovens, or stoves, barbecue grills, microwave ovens, and what not…! Morphy Richards MWO 25 CG (200 ACM) Microwave Oven is one such device with all those advancements, and from the day I bought this for my kitchen, I fell in love with this oven.

A feature that I loved the most is, it has a child lock feature, which automatically means that this is going to provide children safety, as we have a child at home this was pretty useful all the time. There are hardly any other microwave ovens where you can find this feature. This oven also made it easy for me to do combination cooking, which is really satisfying.

This Morphy Richards MWO Oven also has a defrost function installed in it, and this is what I was exactly searching for…! At my home, we are always in need of storing food inside the fridge and this feature made it easy and reduced a lot of work. The other thing to consider is when I got this microwave oven it came with a baking plate and wiring rack, which helped a lot in baking and grilling.

The microwave has a pretty large capacity of 25 liters, which is comparatively better than other ovens out there. For a large family needs like mine, this feature made it look easy to grill or bake in a single go and saved a lot of time. And a wide range of auto cook options was remarkable because a part-time cook like me can try different types of delicious dishes.

OOdero Onyango
13 May 20212510

When you buy GE JNM3163DJBB Over-the-Range Microwave, you enjoy convenient cooking controls and brilliant features. Try this microwave if you want tasty delicious foods and improved quality of life.

The automatically programmed power levels and defrost times are great features well suited for some foods like bread, meat, vegetables, and fish, which need more time to defrost when frozen. The rapid defrost means your food takes less time to cook, which is convenient. Also, you can manually input the defrost times and power levels if you prefer it this way.

The 16 7/16" height x 29 7/8" width x 15 7/8" depth dimensions fit most countertops well leaving you with enough space. The compactness of the GE Microwave and its admirable features means you can put it anywhere in your kitchen. I love this product because it prepares delicious meals for my family absolutely stress-free.

This is by far the best microwave as it combines value and function. The 1.6 cubic feet of interior space fits most food and the microwaves comes with both convenient cooking modes and express cook settings to ensure I can cook foods like potatoes or popcorn easily. Plus, it has add 30 seconds button which is useful if I want extra time or to quickly warm my coffee. The turntable could be adjusted to rotate or be stationary using the on/off button.

The 10 power levels give you cooking flexibility and ensure the food is thoroughly heated. It has a stainless steel finish and is handy for installing above your countertop. Better still, the onboard 300 CFM vent fan is useful in dispelling odors and smoke. An ideal fan setting could be chosen from the two available options and I love the light surface and the two brightness settings. The microwave comes with recirculating charcoal filter kit and operates quietly. The digital clock and display are great electronic touch.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
15 Apr 20215410

I have been able to delight my colleagues at work with delicacies from the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS microwave. This microwave is very ideal for the office break room and helps in easy heating and preparation of mid snacks enabling us to have a splendid experience at our workplace.

The Toshiba microwave fits perfectly on the countertop with a black stainless steel exterior making it look very sleek and stylish. It features a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet with dimensions of 20.5''x17.2''x12.8'' and a gross weight of about 34.6lbs. This size is very suitable for my use and I can easily carry it to our outdoor activities for use as this happens frequently. The turntable is around 12.4'' making it ideal for holding almost any typical dinner plate, ensuring that all my eatables can fit in without necessarily having to use a specific plate.

Having a sensor feature in the microwave is perfect for optimal cooking by adjusting the heat automatically, and This helps me to avoid overcooking my meals on most occasions. Furthermore, quick touch pre-programmed buttons allow cooking of different kinds of food ranging from popcorn to meat bacon with a lot of ease. With this, I can prepare delicacies that I would have otherwise not been able to prepare with just a click of a button.

The microwave's custom and one-pound defrost options lowers Toshiba's microwave power by around 30 to 50 percent allowing the appliance to defrost my foodstuff without necessarily cooking it. In addition to that, the interior is made from non-stick material enabling me to easily clean the microwave with just a simple swipe on the walls once in a while. An add thirty seconds button is also very helpful to the microwave as it allows adding more time during heating without pressing a series of buttons saving my time and giving me a top-notch experience as I use it.

SSuchandra Das
02 Apr 20216510

The microwave oven has become a necessity in today's fast-paced lifestyle where we hardly get any extra time from our daily schedule that we can spare on cooking tasty and delicious recipes. But the impressive features of the Whirlpool 1.9 cu. ft. smart over-the-range Microwave oven can help you prepare mouth-watering foods at a very limited time.

One of the most beneficial features that come with the Whirlpool microwave is, you won't have to worry about setting the right temperature and time for cooking the meal. As I often get confused on how to select the right temperature depending on the type of food I am cooking, all that I am left with is overcooked or burned food. But the Whirlpool microwave oven that comes with the feature of scan-to cook saves me from eating overcooked or burned food again and again. This feature also surprisingly allows you to scan the barcode of frozen food from your mobile and then send it to Whirlpool Oven. I get immediate notification on how to cook the food in the right way.

While preparing any dish I always try to avoid any type of cooking odors and prefer to have a clean and nice smelling kitchen. The microwave's setting to match the right amount of ventilation matching to the type of dish that is being prepared along with its four different fan speed settings helps me to prevent any cooking odors. The non-stick interior of the microwave also helps me quickly clean any spills that don't get stuck to the clean-release non-stick interior.

The AccuPop cycle prevents the burning of popcorn by tracking the time between pops using a sound sensor. Besides, the feature of controlling the appliance with just simple voice commands makes my cooking job even easier as I can do other chores at the same time I am preparing a meal in the microwave.