? Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming?

PPushkar Jain
01 Feb 202112810

MSI is the all-time best solution for gaming gears. The brand has never disappointed hard-core gamers alike us. Vigor GK20 is a membrane gaming keyboard in the budget segment. It has a super stylish look and has a hard base framed for gaming purposes. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and of course the latest windows 10 too.

I bought this keyboard because my friend recommended it. It has ergonomic keycaps for a better gaming experience. One thing I liked most about this product is that it has rainbow lights and not just single color light which looks annoying. That's a personal preference. Also, it has a splash-proof drain hole which helps in removing the water or any other liquid if in case you spill it by mistake. The liquid will flow through the mini drains between keys and will dispose of quickly. Although I would still recommend being careful while using it.

The cable wire is 1.8 meters long and its USB is gold color plated. Rubber feet are added to increase stability and they really do. They stick to the surface and improves hand actions during intensive gaming situations. The availability of hotkeys is proved to be super handy while gaming and for multimedia. Plastic support is added for your wrist to rest. It has matte finishing and I will recommend you cleaning your hands to avoid fingerprints on its body. Also, avoid eating while working on the keyboard.

I felt this keyboard a little heavier than my previous keyboard. I checked the specifications and it comes out to be 867 grams. Everything else is fine and I would recommend it buying because we usually don't carry our gaming gears around so heavyweight is not a big issue.

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