? Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming?

03 Oct 20211010

Mount Everest Max keyboard comes with brilliant customizing features and perfect modularity that are a bonus with excellent performance, thrilling innovation, and splendid design. It is extraordinarily well-built and sturdy with dual texture designed aluminium plates.

Mount Everest Max Keyboard
Mount Everest Max Keyboard
Credits : MOUNTAIN

Mountain has gone the extra mile to pack all of the smart features in one place. Per-key lighting, which is made possible through various preset effects and diffuser rings. I'm obsessed with this feature since it allows the device to create an aesthetic rainbow lights combination while I game and even some cool static light to go in the dark. I like how the bezels and under-key area are neatly finished. Further, the underside has five rubber feet stability and plenty of space to keep the cables in. This makes my desk tidier.

Apart from this, it comes with Cherry MX switches that reduce any noise created by the keyboard. The keycaps are thin and laser-etched ABS plastic. In addition to this, the spacebar is made super silent. The magnetic wrist rest is such a relief for my hardworking hands while gaming. It also provides its users with a set of extraordinary magnetic riser feet. They are to be stacked on top of each other until the desired height is achieved.

Furthermore, Mount Everest Max came with cool accessories such as a modular Numpad, Media Dock, as well as a kit of accessories to customize the board further, and to enhance the gaming experience.

Media Dock is the handiest accessory. Although the keyboard makes you install the Everest Base Camp Software to control its functions, the Media Dock allows me to control them quickly while playing, without having to use the software. It displays a menu showing the dock's different functions. It allows me to control a variety of functions such as changing the board's lighting, monitoring some basic system info, changing the onboard memory profiles, increase or decrease the system's volume and the like.

Another worth-mentioning feature of Mount Everest Max is that both the Numpad and the Media Dock can be connected on either side of the keyboard. Being a right-handed gamer, I connect the Media Dock on the left through a USB-C and a pair of magnets to adjust the volume without using my busy right hand while gaming.

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