? Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming?

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
15 Apr 20212210

On various occasions, I like to spend most of my time indoors playing video games. Most importantly, using the K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is ideal for me to improve my gaming capabilities and enhance a fun experience because of its design and numerous features.

Corsair K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard boasts of having very appealing RGB lighting that can be customized easily with the use of Corsair Utility Engine Software, such lighting creates an amazing gamer experience which gives me the gaming mood by changing color and lighting up based on the frequency of my use. Further, it has translucent keycaps which ensure illumination of the backlit giving a more sci-fi theme making my experience to be more enthusiastic.

The body frame of the K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made of aluminum giving this keyboard a premium feel and weight. With this, I can be able to carry it easily to school and use it as a normal keyboard as my friends find it to be awesome. The bottom part has stands and a detachable wrist rest that is included to ensure that my hands are comfortable and grip the keyboard correctly making my gaming skills efficient during a game.

At the top right there are media keys that are very useful and in case I am in the middle of an online game but feel like controlling the media player, I can easily do it conveniently without disrupting myself. Additional keys with rough-textured tops are also included for preferential use as sometimes the keys can be slippery and when using them it enables me to have the perfect grip of my keys during gaming.

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