Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming?

While looking for a partner in crime for an adrenaline-packed gaming session, a good mechanical keyboard takes the crown. Look for the durability, mechanical switches, build quality and key pressure, etc your mechanical gaming keyboard can handle.

SS. Archana
01 Apr 202195111

A good mechanical keyboard helps gamers blast enemies in the gaming sessions in an effortless manner. In that way, I found the Logitech G413 from Logitech, a superior mechanical keyboard for gamers.

The Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches for professional gamers render incredible durability and performance. The Romer-G switches were immaculate and provided me with unparalleled responsiveness and speed during my gameplay. The sleek and aesthetic look comes from high-strength, light-weight 5052 aluminum alloy. The make and model are visually appealing, and I found the keyboard rigid for intensive gameplay.

The clean and precise lighting via keys and keycaps portrays intelligent design. The lighting was visible without hindrance and helped me in my gaming session during the night. Logitech G413 from Logitech allows effortless media control during gameplay. I was able to control audio features while playing the game. The function keys that come in this keyboard portray dedicated media controls. Hence I was able to mute, pause and play instantly.

The USB pass-through in Logitech G413 from Logitech is a vital feature to be highlighted. I experienced convenience with the help of a dedicated USB cable. This cable-supported me to connect the USB pass-through port with its input for full data speed and power throughput. The mechanical keyboard comes with 12 additional keycaps. The keys were a surprising motivation to upgrade my critical gaming keys as I desire. I was also able to use them instantly by removing Romer-G keys with a puller's help that came with the keyboard.

The Logitech gaming software also plays a crucial role and helps me in customizing macro commands and functions. Finally, the mechanical keyboard made my gaming easier.

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Logitech G-413 is a wonderful keyboard that I miss as I no longer use the desktop but once I kept this in use, I always enjoyed every moment spent using it. It's true that the keys are slippery and the faint light twinkling always augmented my wish of writing using this keyboard. It never made me feel bored.

YYusuff Olayinka
09 Jan 20217561

The best mechanical gaming keyboard is SteelSeries Apex Pro Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The best full-featured gaming keyboard we tested was SteelSeries Apex Pro. This is a unique OmniPoint keyboard that allows you to adjust the pre-travel distance to as you want it. This means you can configure pre-entry travel to improve game response speed, or set higher intrusion travel to improve writing accuracy for production tasks. These are font-like optical switches so they won't respond to any dangerous thoughts when typing and they won't be very annoying.

It feels very good and sturdy and has a good ergonomic design due to the magnetic arm relaxation. It also features RGB backlit complete with dedicated light buttons, custom controls, and a customizable OLED display for almost anything you want. SteelSeries Engine is available on Windows and macOS and allows you to configure macros to be whatever key you want. There is also a USB port that can be used to charge your mobile device or connect other devices (such as a mouse).

Unfortunately, it lacks a dedicated macro key, which might disappoint some players. Also, although it works with Linux, you cannot fully configure it because it lacks a script. However, it is fully compatible with Windows and macOS. Overall, this is the best full-featured gaming keyboard we've tested, and it should satisfy the needs of casual and serious gamers.

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I enjoy using Steel Series Apex for my cybercafe since my customers love using it. It is made of a space where your hands can rest while playing the game or typing, and it has sleeper keys.

03 Oct 20211010

Mount Everest Max keyboard comes with brilliant customizing features and perfect modularity that are a bonus with excellent performance, thrilling innovation, and splendid design. It is extraordinarily well-built and sturdy with dual texture designed aluminium plates.

Mount Everest Max Keyboard
Mount Everest Max Keyboard
Credits : MOUNTAIN

Mountain has gone the extra mile to pack all of the smart features in one place. Per-key lighting, which is made possible through various preset effects and diffuser rings. I'm obsessed with this feature since it allows the device to create an aesthetic rainbow lights combination while I game and even some cool static light to go in the dark. I like how the bezels and under-key area are neatly finished. Further, the underside has five rubber feet stability and plenty of space to keep the cables in. This makes my desk tidier.

Apart from this, it comes with Cherry MX switches that reduce any noise created by the keyboard. The keycaps are thin and laser-etched ABS plastic. In addition to this, the spacebar is made super silent. The magnetic wrist rest is such a relief for my hardworking hands while gaming. It also provides its users with a set of extraordinary magnetic riser feet. They are to be stacked on top of each other until the desired height is achieved.

Furthermore, Mount Everest Max came with cool accessories such as a modular Numpad, Media Dock, as well as a kit of accessories to customize the board further, and to enhance the gaming experience.

Media Dock is the handiest accessory. Although the keyboard makes you install the Everest Base Camp Software to control its functions, the Media Dock allows me to control them quickly while playing, without having to use the software. It displays a menu showing the dock's different functions. It allows me to control a variety of functions such as changing the board's lighting, monitoring some basic system info, changing the onboard memory profiles, increase or decrease the system's volume and the like.

Another worth-mentioning feature of Mount Everest Max is that both the Numpad and the Media Dock can be connected on either side of the keyboard. Being a right-handed gamer, I connect the Media Dock on the left through a USB-C and a pair of magnets to adjust the volume without using my busy right hand while gaming.

BBrian Kibue Ngugi
15 Apr 20212210

On various occasions, I like to spend most of my time indoors playing video games. Most importantly, using the K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is ideal for me to improve my gaming capabilities and enhance a fun experience because of its design and numerous features.

Corsair K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard boasts of having very appealing RGB lighting that can be customized easily with the use of Corsair Utility Engine Software, such lighting creates an amazing gamer experience which gives me the gaming mood by changing color and lighting up based on the frequency of my use. Further, it has translucent keycaps which ensure illumination of the backlit giving a more sci-fi theme making my experience to be more enthusiastic.

The body frame of the K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made of aluminum giving this keyboard a premium feel and weight. With this, I can be able to carry it easily to school and use it as a normal keyboard as my friends find it to be awesome. The bottom part has stands and a detachable wrist rest that is included to ensure that my hands are comfortable and grip the keyboard correctly making my gaming skills efficient during a game.

At the top right there are media keys that are very useful and in case I am in the middle of an online game but feel like controlling the media player, I can easily do it conveniently without disrupting myself. Additional keys with rough-textured tops are also included for preferential use as sometimes the keys can be slippery and when using them it enables me to have the perfect grip of my keys during gaming.

PPushkar Jain
01 Feb 202112910

MSI is the all-time best solution for gaming gears. The brand has never disappointed hard-core gamers alike us. Vigor GK20 is a membrane gaming keyboard in the budget segment. It has a super stylish look and has a hard base framed for gaming purposes. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and of course the latest windows 10 too.

I bought this keyboard because my friend recommended it. It has ergonomic keycaps for a better gaming experience. One thing I liked most about this product is that it has rainbow lights and not just single color light which looks annoying. That's a personal preference. Also, it has a splash-proof drain hole which helps in removing the water or any other liquid if in case you spill it by mistake. The liquid will flow through the mini drains between keys and will dispose of quickly. Although I would still recommend being careful while using it.

The cable wire is 1.8 meters long and its USB is gold color plated. Rubber feet are added to increase stability and they really do. They stick to the surface and improves hand actions during intensive gaming situations. The availability of hotkeys is proved to be super handy while gaming and for multimedia. Plastic support is added for your wrist to rest. It has matte finishing and I will recommend you cleaning your hands to avoid fingerprints on its body. Also, avoid eating while working on the keyboard.

I felt this keyboard a little heavier than my previous keyboard. I checked the specifications and it comes out to be 867 grams. Everything else is fine and I would recommend it buying because we usually don't carry our gaming gears around so heavyweight is not a big issue.

PPranay Patel
21 Jan 20212310

If you work on a computer or a professional gamer, then you might be looking for some of the best accessories that can enhance the look of your system. Professional PC users don’t want to miss out on anything when it comes to working. Same way, pro-gamers also like to use the best of equipment to support their gaming. A mechanical keyboard is the most essential thing for pro users.

PicTek’s mechanical gaming keyboard is currently the best-selling keyboard in the market. This keyboard comes with multiple lighting modes. You can change the way how the lighting works as per your needs with built-in functionality.

What’s unique about this keyboard is its compact design. Yes, the keyboard carries a compact and comfortable design to handle easily. There are 27 different lighting modes offered by the manufacturer. You can easily change the lighting mode to match up with the environment.

Moreover, the keys of this keyboard are designed to give you the best typing experience. The keyboard is not suitable for gamers only, but also a good choice for professional PC users who work on their computer systems daily.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable and long-lasting materials
  • 27 unique lighting modes
  • Compact and comfortable anti-ghosting design
  • Precise response with unique keys
  • Simple plug-n-play functionality
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac PC systems

These are some of the unique features that you should know about this keyboard before you make your final decision. Unlike other mechanical gaming keyboards, the price of this keyboard is quite reasonable.

RRajkumar Mondal
19 Jan 20212410

Razer Black Widow V3 Pro is the best choice for anyone who is hunting to find a well-designed mechanical keyboard for gaming. What I admire in them is that the manufacturers have keenly understood the requirements of the users so specialized in making it. There are two types of keyboard switches available- Green and Yellow. Green is for gamers who find satisfaction in hearing the clicking sounds and Yellow has smooth key stocks, especially for gamers who want silent clicks.

Razer Black Widow V3 Pro is wireless and is best suited for serious gamers. Speed is the main factor we always need as a gamer, and Razer assures it. A problem that gamers usually face is that as time passes by due to overuse of the keyboard, the letters that are labeled on the key will wear off. But in this mechanical keyboard, we don't face such problems though we use it for a longer period of time. When we look at the keyboard we can notice a leatherette wrist rest in it.

As it is a wireless keyboard, they provide us USB for charging, that could be easily detached. The switch type is ostensibly the main decision to make when picking your new gaming console. Razer Black Widow is the most well-known and generally conspicuous, yet there are a large group of choices on offer, too many upmarket, expert changes to browse. Different highlights you should consider are some devoted media controls, full-scale keys, and whether your console of decision has USB and sound passthrough.

Size is a characterizing factor. Full-sized consoles will in general offer the most highlights and a Numpad, yet in the event that you don't have space, at that point those additional items you paid for will be futile. Tenkeyless sheets (the ones with no number cushion), and minimal consoles can be an incredible alternative as well in the event that you couldn't care less about all the additional extravagant accessories, or you don't have any utilization for alt codes.