Which is the Best Grocery Store for Online Shopping in Canada?

Online grocery shopping is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best range of gourmet, organic and healthy foods. Find fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood from Loblaws, and more!

KKandarp Kumar Dave
05 Feb 202122170

Instacart Grocery Store is an easy-to-use service where I can check things with various local suppliers. I can get the things in a few minutes after ordering them on this platform. Hence, overall it is a good site to order and avail daily needed Items without any hassle.

I mentioned this trouble to one of my friends who recommended me using Instacart and I got a perfect solution for all my problems. It is an easy-to-use option with a simple system and online payment. I can also talk to the local supplier in case the grocery items are not required, they can suggest another product that can fulfill my requirements.


Getting groceries is a big issue for me due to my busy schedule with a job and family. I do not find enough time to get my required items at home and hence have to face various issues regularly. I know various apps and options to get the products but as I am not at home for me they are not of desired use. I want some service which can help me get things from the local store and that too in a limited time.

I can get things even in the late evening and the system is truly quick to get my products while I am at home. Due to a wide range of products I can easily get what I want and do not need to wait for 2-3 days to get things also. As I have used it I recommend the same to other users also who are like-minded. Due to the availability of schemes I can save a good amount of money in addition to my time which is an added advantage for users like me.

SShehebaz Uddin Shaik
21 Jan 202127350

If you need a straightforward answer for this, it's always Walmart Inc. You may ask me why Walmart? What is so good about it?

Walmart Grocery
Walmart Grocery
Credits : WALMART

Shopping these days isn't an easy task, it needs time, and in the 21st century with this busy life, we don't have much time to spend on shopping. How will you manage all your busy schedules and get the things you need for the home? So to make it easy for their customers, many corporate companies incorporated the idea of online shopping.

The idea of online shopping got pace at the start of the 21st century in Canada, and many companies started building their marts, malls, stores and made them successful. But Walmart wins the race of Online Shopping.

Why is Walmart Best for Online Shopping in Canada?

There are many things that made Walmart Inc. the best in Canada. However, I will try to place you with a few,

  1. They are more concerned about the excellent quality and cost-effectiveness.
  2. They have a wide range of grocery categories
  3. They are fast and the best in delivery.
  4. They accept free returns if you are not satisfied with the products or if the product is damaged while shipping.
  5. They even provide coupons for the customers.

To put it simply, Walmart knows what's the best for their customers and knows what their customers need. The best part is the politeness their staff shows, the best in class nature, and market knowledge.

Considering all these, I recommend Walmart Inc., which has 50+ years of excellence.

VVishesh Pariyani
06 Feb 20219330

Safeway is one of the best Canadian online grocery stores where users will get huge discounts on shopping. Safeway has almost 200 stores in Alberta and British Columbia dealing in Organic foods, so it will be quite convenient for the users to get Organic food at a reasonable price.

Safeway Canada
Safeway Canada
Credits : SAFEWAY

If I talk about my experience then let me tell you that I have ordered many grocery items from Safeway and always get the best quality products without a compromise. We don't have sufficient time to go to the market regularly for purchasing and spend a lot of time there. That's why many companies started offering online shopping that can save a lot of time and users will also get a wide range of products.

As there are many online stores, who provide a facility for online shopping but all of them are not cost-effective. That's why in this article, I will tell you about one of the best Grocery Stores in Canada For Online Shopping. Safeway was established in 1929 and still running because users have some trust in their quality and price.

A few benefits of shopping online with Safeway stores are -

  • Users will get the best quality and never have to compromise with the quality of the product.
  • Safeway has a huge variety of products at their store so that users can get all the things in a single place.
  • The products at Safeway are available at a very reasonable price.
  • If you are shopping with Safeway for the first time, then you will get a good amount of discount and free shipping.
  • Safeway updates their data regularly and provides more offers and deals for the user's convenience.

OOdero Onyango
17 Jun 20213010

Grocery Gateway has different food varieties and all the fresh produce any kitchen needs. The convenience of getting groceries delivered to the doorstep from a trusted store is thrilling.

Grocery Gateway
Grocery Gateway

The grocery store has a variety of fresh food options. The store has easy-to-manage features that allow checking off everything on the shopping list comfortable. The website is user-friendly and runs seamlessly on tablets and smartphones.

It is a reliable shopping solution, especially if you live far from the nearest shopping center or have a busy work schedule. It's easier to pick the delivery when at the doorstep without ever setting foot at a grocery store. I restock the fridge and my kitchen with a click of a button while checking what groceries I need to add to my cart. The efficient process gives me enjoyment and flexibility because I never carry bulky groceries or deal with the long queues at the cashiers.

It's easy to keep track of my budget by checking my virtual cart. It helps me in making a wise decision and review the items before checking out. The expenses are only on what I set out to spend. This shopping discipline makes budget management easy as there is no impulse buying.

It's simple to Filter items. Plus, the promos and discounts lower my spending. The store accepts different payment options, including debit and credit cards. Managing recurring groceries is easy by accessing previous shopping history in the catalog and fill the cart without leaving out something necessary. Grocery Gateway makes it easy to shop while managing a busy schedule. I prefer the store because it's efficient, stocks all kinds of foodstuff which makes accessing everything easy. It is an absolute lifesaver because of the excellent shopping experience and gratifying online offers that help manage my budget.

SShreya Chaudhary
18 Feb 20216710

For people like me, grocery shopping is nothing less than a chore. Thankfully, online grocery shopping has made life for people like me bearable and easy, at least in the shopping department! My choice of online grocer is Goodie Grocer.

Goodie Grocer
Goodie Grocer

The amazing thing about shopping for groceries online is the time, effort, and energy that is saved. Especially, if you are a lazy person like me, online grocery shopping is a blessing! Now, coming to my experience, I would say it is a highly reliable and trustworthy online store. This is quite an important factor in me choosing them as my first choice.

I am an Indian living in Canada, and I can tell you that Goodie Grocer is your best bet. They offer a lot of Indian and South Asian food items. A lot of times I suffer from homesickness, Goodie Grocer has helped me combat that. Right from fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, snacks down to ready-to-eat Indian mixes, Indian spices, all sorts of Indian foods are available.

Not only do they offer a large variety of food types, but they also are in the business of free delivery in 3 business days. Not only that, there is no minimum order value that needs to be placed. Additionally, sometimes, when I have not been happy with the product, they have provided a chance to return, thanks to an Easy Return Policy as well! Sometimes, I have mistakenly placed an order, or have had an issue with the quality of the offerings, they also give you a chance to return them without even asking the reason for your return.

PPranay Patel
20 Jan 20216810

Everyone knows about the quality services offered by Amazon. It is the world’s leading e-commerce platform that is being operational in many countries across the globe. This online retailing giant is there to help you buy anything right from your comfort zone. If you want to buy grocery products, then Amazon has a special grocery section for you.

The Amazon Grocery and Gourmet section provide different types of home groceries from the trusted brands. The grocery section lets you buy biscuits, snack foods, jams, jellies, bread, and bakery items, dried fruits, cooking and baking supplies, beverages, sauces, candy and chocolate, and many more.

The store is available for all and it is always open for the customers, unlike the physical stores. If you live in Canada and want to buy your daily grocery items, then Amazon is the best place for you to order anything you want right from your home.

The best thing about this platform is it is a global retailing giant and has gained a massive customer base across the globe. Amazon is known for its quality and on-time delivery services. It gives you the best online shopping experience where you won’t be cheated. You can return your products anytime you want if the quality of the product is not good.

The place gives you enough security against what you buy which is why it has built up great trust from the customers. Amazon provides a premium service with which you can unlock a variety of premium things. You can switch to a premium account with its 30 days free trial period.